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Why can the dream message surpass both space and time? So far, there has not been a reasonable explanation. On August 29, 1893 in the US, reporter Samson of “Hoan Cau” newspaper finished work, lay down on the sofa and then slept. 7 hours after waking up, he still vividly remembers what happened in his dream. Witcher memes fck kfc Shirt. He sat at his desk and recorded it all: Krakatoa volcano spitting up near Java Island, lava and mud rock swept a crowd of people into the sea … get home. The next day the editor came to see an article on Samson’s desk, claiming that he had received the news last night, immediately posting it in the “urgent news” section. Several dozen newspapers also published. Because it was a bad news, public opinion was fierce and Samson lost his job. However, just a few days later, the volcano Krakatoa was certainly active. Many people died in this eruption. Samson’s scary dream comes true. The public opinion once again spoke, but it was a compliment to the Hoan Cau newspaper. Samson is considered the hero of the newspaper. Such random story still has no satisfactory explanation.

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