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Another example of a prophetic dream is the fire dream of a female firefighter in the state of Georgia named Becky Denlinger. On November 8, 1989, in a horrible dream, she saw all of her firefighters being sent to emergency a burning building because she was accidentally crashed by a jet. The scene was chaotic and many people were injured. Screams and an explosion of terror. Frightened, sweat spread all over her body, she recounted her strange dream to the staff on the team. Many people consider it an implicit autism. Less than an hour later, the entire Becky Denlinger fire brigade had to rush to rescue a big fire at a building 60 kilometers away. A US naval jet was blown up and crashed into the building, triggering a massive fire that injured many people and killed two people. Rbg face mask. On the contrary, there are many dreaming things that have helped to change the plan in time, thus reducing losses and casualties. For example, a hospital director dreamed that after 1972 an airplane would fall next to his hospital. He has taken precautionary measures. On 7/2/1973, indeed a jet fighter crashed right next to his office. Because timely emergency measures were taken, the number of casualties was reduced.

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