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Jlo you look beautiful amazing have talent work hard all the time back when you started living in New York City Jenny from the Bronx remember I was living in there 1152 College Ave Bronx New York God Bless. She is a great singer and movie star so why the nekedness. Jennifer you are beautiful, but have some respect for yourself, you are a boricua and we have respect for ourselves our family and our culture, you don’t need to do this kind of stuff anymore you have already proven yourself, now free yourself from the… See more. Truly admire this woman as a Bronx girl myself and everything she’s achieved in life and still looks good at her age truly blessed.. When you have her money absolutely you can have her body, hair, skin because you don’t have to worry about nothing but make more money and wash her man ARod that he don’t betray her. Horse hole brick wall laundry basket

Horse hole brick wall laundry basket

Jennifer i love all your movie and music. You looking fabulous. Hard works pays off . Horse hole brick wall laundry basket Its not good to talk bad about anyone who works hard to get where they are today .. She used to be an average girl,she worked herself up there..im not that brave or courageous,even though i can sing better than her i dont blame her,she wanted to be a star,me not,,i dont have a performer character and thats important if u want to be i… See more. Beautiful! But you should understand that this is self care she can afford. That includes the time to exercise more than the average person, surgery, glam squad, and beauty routines (expensive beauty products and spa treatments) that the average perso… See more. Ok we all know that you are beautiful and successful. I am not a hater but these type of picture should remain private especially if you have children. Think about it when you post again.

Horse hole brick wall laundry basket

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