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This was truly moving! Happy Women’s History Month. . Women support women. . Women empower always need for the world. Every one should understand where society comes from. Barber’s tools hair laundry basket Pause GIF. I believe there are really wonder women who have no god like powers but are just strong and wise and determined and Beautiful in soul and spirit. Men should be proud of how strong a woman of there country is.. I agree with it all from my studys self reflection and definement help put together a concept of womens liberation it takes action? Thank u for your inspiration?. Happy women’s month, women and men are both strong, we just need to remember to respect each other. First in my life is the Virgin of Guadalupe, my Mother, and the Love of my life JLO. I applaud you don’t know how refreshing it is to see this as everybody is trying to get in on this little act I created and the truth is everybody’s trying to put ourselves 1st and in this I can’t tell you where they be and In the end remember your Bi… See more

Barber’s tools hair laundry basket

fjkbuierbj BEAUTIFUL Barber’s tools hair laundry basket . She great singer and movie star . Absolutely Beautiful. I have always had a crush on Jennifer. I watched all her movies. In the late 90s and early 2000s I would sit at home and watch her music videos. I still watch all of her videos. She has always been so beautiful. Thank you for all … See more. So much jealous women because she works hard for her figure and eats healthy and they don t . Hard work pays off!! I’m a big fan of this lady. She is not lazy and has her health & priorities straight!. Right now she is in my beautiful Dominican Republic working and enjoying herself. Way to gooooo chica. Omg people let her be. If I had that body I would be all over the place. Let her enjoy her hard work. You either appreciate it or you dont. If you do… See more

Barber’s tools hair laundry basket

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