about people that are not in care homes like my mum thats living by herself none of her five daughters can visit her so she’s getting lonely depressed and she don’t know what to do with herself people by themselves as well.. Christmas? So only 9 months too late?. That’s it kill off the elderly first with the cooked up useless vaccines. What are the ingredients in this vaccines??? It will hit your natural immune system hard & you will be prone to catch more cold/flu’s & infections regularly & take you longer to … . Tests dont cure anyone, instead tests could actually open another avenue of infection.. Maria Joanico Winter is here hoodie Schools waiting for rapids test Boris Johnson tell in 2 weeks schools have where ???when???2021. Jambo Maroon Get the vaccine out, stop mucking about.. Geoffrey Taylor THIS government have been too slow from day 1 , we are not in lockdown, kids are taking it home to parents . Sandwich bars open ice cream parlours open.Hopeless TORIES

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Vaccine tests must pass through test of time, multi age, multi gender, multi culture for atleast 3 to 4 yrs. This is to avoid side effects and unforeseen health consequences.. Melanie Winsland Winter is here hoodie Its not stood the test of time We have the right to choose especially its not right for young people, it could make them sterile. Just look at thalidamide https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15536544 BBC.CO.UK Whats happened to Thalidomide babies?. Geziena Rowlinson I will have the COVID-19 vaccine. I do not trust this shambolic Tory government but I do trust the scientists. Thousands of brave people around the world have volunteered to trail the COVID-19 vaccine on everyone else’s behalf and I am grateful to the… SCOTSMAN.COM Beware comforting lies about a ‘herd immunity’ Covid-19 strategy. Here’s why it’s dangerous – Professor Devi Sridhar. Strange the rationale for young people getting it is to ‘stop transmission’ when there’s no guarantee the vaccine will actually do this https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4037 BMJ.COM Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us

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Those security guards need a refresher in how to do their jobs.
They are not SWAT and their behaviour wasnt necessary.. If it happened to my son I’d be horrified. No excuse for heavy handed tactics.. This would seem to be a very heavy handed and unnecessary way to check someone’s ID which was freely offered. This happened in a university where you expect international students to be living and working. I can’t see any justification for what they di… . Give him a scholarship, and free accommodation, while dismissing the errant employees.. What’s the argument here, aren’t the security agencies mandated to maintain vigilance it can be argued that their tactics are questionable… profiling is a normal police procedure.. this is clearly a public relations issue for over zealous policeme… See More. Trial by media perhaps? Report that an incident occurred let the authorities decide based on the evidence. Don’t see the security guards getting a fair unbiased investigation. They’ll be made an example of. Fair enough if deserved of course.

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Anne Dornan. simples. If you want to, get on a plane, visit your loved elder in a home, go to a crowded theatre, attend lectures in university . you will have to prove that you are vaccinated. Otherwise, you can stay at home for another year……… I am 70 no way am i taking this virus vaccine manmade bug in my body keep it. People should have the freedom not to be vaccinated. Or to not vaccinate their children.. Fergus Storrier. Who can shove the vaccine. If one builds a proper immune system to fight disease.. Neil Cameron. I’m fed up from this pandemic.. Ill pass! Don’t know what the long term effects on this. Simo Njoro. Why would young people even think about it when 95% of people affected by the virus are over 65?. It’s untested poison . Funny how the support and funding is straight away there for covid vaccine,but they not doing it this quick for other viruses and diseases,cancer has been goin longer than covid so why not try help cancer patients surely u can fine help but choose not…

Rapid 15-minute result test have been available in many EU nations for quite some time – at airports, and Universities for instance. Students in Vienna for instance were ALL tested before entering the Uni for the first day with answers in 15 minutes be… . Everything is by Christmas with this government. I wonder have any of them ever heard of ww1?. Jennifer Boulton. That is heartbreaking, I had not realised, my Mum was so lucky not to have to go through that, . Iain Massie. The BBC must look in the scrap bin every day for something to report on.. At the cycle rate used in testing for the elusive covid the test picks up on any Corona in the patients system. The CDC and the NHS have yet to isolate a pure version of the virus. Usually Corona’s disappear over summer. This one though has government… See More

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