But, but, but, all the trumpers said the virus would disappear after the election. Why would they get worse? We have Joe Biden as President now. He will fix everything. Hes a hero.. It has to get bad before it gets worst unfortunately my mommy had it my sister has it and my 2 daughters all in the same week but look at GOD everyone is. Heal !! I speak and pray for peace to everyone going Thur it don’t gave up . Because the USA CANNOT LET CAPITALISM AND MONEY GO NOT EVEN FOR 2-3 weeks. Every other country is over it except us. Truth is it’s because they keep trying to half way shut things down while trying to keep capitalism going the two don’t mix.. Also never wore a mask (maybe once or twice, big deal) to model and educate Americans, and held rallies for reelection that were seminsuper-spreaders with his cult! Don’t let the back door hit you on the way out. Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs German Shepherd Dog

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs German Shepherd Dog

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs German Shepherd Dog - pic 1

After he makes all those changes. Go after this clown for crimes against humanity and America.. If voter fraud has been organized by the Democrats, why did they loose seats in the House not gain a majority in the Senate. Time to listen to county and state officials that this election was not rigged.. Well done to the photographer for the circle forming a halo behind his head . GOD, its nice to listen to coherent adults speak. I hope I never know who the new postmaster general is.. Relief, hope, pride, enthusiasm, excitement….finally!. Congrats to JOE BIDEN OF USA. My advice is that He should be more liberal, then consolidate of TRUMP’S economic policies. Couldn’t be happier for our country to finally get out of the abusive relationship with Trump and his incompetent cronies we have been suffering from for 4 years!. His first promise was to not declare victory until election results were independently certified. Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs German Shepherd Dog

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs German Shepherd Dog

I love this woman. She is so relatable and down to earth. I know hat it feels like having a miscarriage. I had one and I still cry at times its a pain that would never ever go away.. She’s a TOTAL FRAUD and that’s not just my personal opinion, she’s admitted that. Run Harry!!. Im so sorry for her and harrys loss. Dont give up. Even the bad stuff happens for a reason. Love her, hate her it doesn’t matter. She needs support. Anyone whos truly been there wld NEVER say half the crap im reading. In these comments. My 9 yr son has… . Who cares? That happens everyday to a lot of women who don’t run to the news. Next she’ll be expounding on her toilet routine. My heart goes out to all those folk’s that thinks you and cnn is a credible source of information and or news. It’s more like state run tv than anything else. When America finally breaks apart I truly hope you reap the socialist or communist reward tha… See More

The Trump syndrome will be studied for years to come. How a demagogue with no political experience convince over 73 million people to vote for him should be closely examined. America needs a reckoning. A Leader leading. Cool, I forgot how it worked. Its great to have you back America. Congratulations. Trump knows very well that he lost the elections, but what he is doing is confusing the political scene, shuffling the cards and arousing the passion of his supporters who are motivated by radical ideas. Joe Biden the man with talented, much love from California . Thank you president joe biden for bringing integrity and honor back to the presidency seat. D Trump lost the election but still his narcissistic behaviour didn’t stopped him from abusing his power. He might face the judicial inquiry in near future.. To be anti Trump isn’t difficult, just be pro reason, pro Democracy, pro science and put a premium on truth.

Real President v Twitter President. The difference is like 7up, it is clear.. Which is an Anti-American policy. Biden us owned by communist countries. Thanks To Trump no more liés in politics he should follew his ways. But dont go to WAR that easy like always, I hope United States keeps WARfree in this 4 year’s coming. Is exactly where I will look 4 a change, if not forget about it. Congrats America. We are all now looking at you in admiration. Not laughing at you cause of Pumpkin Tits.. No Kelly Anns!! Roger Stones, Ivanka, Jared s..Melania has only one qualification!! What a disgrace he has been and will continue to be Im sure!!. Very refreshing to hear an adult in charge.. FINALLY! After 4 heinous years of lies, temper tantrums, and awful behavior we finally have a leader again.. A lot of what Trump did I believe is detrimental to America and I am glad Joe Biden will fix that but I hope he focuses on the American people and the structure inside of America

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