Being a 29 year Army veteran I know you didn’t say that. You might have said it about the Democrats and liberal left.. Meanwhile it’s crickets from the media about Biden insulting the military at a military function sad!. They are jealous, so they make stuff up #Trump2020Landslide. Who cares now you lost election so now leave you are irrelevant!! Oh yea get ready for them 67 indictments from NY to start unraveling on you Jan 20 . You won by MILLIONS!!! Please do not concede!!!!. Packed your bags yet?. It was part of the plan to steal the mandate.. Everyone knows how you feel about the military, there is no way anyone would even believe you said that x. Keep fighting bro. Don’t worry we stopped listening to the fake news media a long time ago!!!!. President Trump I believe you wholeheartedly!!! You have demonstrated your love for our country and military since the day you took office!!! Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Boxer Quiet

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Boxer Quiet

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Boxer Quiet - pic 1

President Trump did SO MANY unbelievable accomplishments. To me the greatest for now is the peace treaties in Middle East. This area of the world was considered the most probable trigger to WWIII. This alone deserves a Nobel Price. However, in the comi… . The climate on this earth has been changing since this world was created. The climate doesn’t listen to politicians, scientists, or the Weather Channel. The one who created our world and our climate is in charge.. Thank you for making the USA energy independent!. Considering the fact that for many decades, politics that did not put America First has been delaying and obstruction our energy independence, this is a HUGE accomplishment! Thankful for the reasonable prices at the gas pump!!! And then some!. Energy self-sufficiency means maintaining the sovereignty, independence and freedom of the United States. Mr. President Donald Trump prevented control of the American economy through foreign energy sources from socialist states and preserved Americas … See More Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Boxer Quiet

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Boxer Quiet

I am SO SICK of what democrats have pushed on us & weak republicans for not standing up & united, against it all.. You said it. Just more alternative facts’ from you.. No one with a brain believes that you made that statement Mr. President. MAGA. The collective obedience of those on the right is staggering. An election was rigged, and everyone on the right just has words to offer.. People who at all times lie to cover their own lies. Such a shame.. Donald Trump, former President of USA failed to Make America Great Again. Goodbye Trump.. We know it was a lie!! Please KEEP FIGHTING!. America will never be destroyed from the outside . If we falter and lose our freedoms , it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”. The corrupt despicable Democrats will do or say anything truth and honor are not in their vocabulary.. We all knew that. Keep up the good fight.

Until China, India & other polluting counties are under control, this is a joke for the USA. Greater control for us, nothing for them!. Two things are very clear:
President Trump has major accomplishments in 4 years, in spite of personal attacks.. And now the Shyster John Kerry is leading the charge on scamming America. Well we see the liars starting to come out of the woodwork to become Bidens staff! I cannot believe one word that comes from John Kerryhe started lying the day he got out of the Navy to become an anti-war activist. He will say anything that fits to… . Why is Facebook allowed to interfere in the elections and no one does anything about it???. Now democrats want to take America first away and everything you have accomplished. I don’t trust them one bit.. Energy dominance, eh? Energy dominance, energy independence. You can’t feed off of us forever. No, sir, you cannot.

Dear BBC News Do know about srilanka also docide some of cities lockdawn but no probblem because hour country health teem vgood than europe. Just a thought, perhaps if people would just do the right thing maybe the government wouldnt have to tell you how to act or behave! You are allowed to think still.. It’s nice being an American . my hall pass was written in 1787 and doesn’t have an expiration date. Through out the pandemic I have been extra careful with whom I have met, only one or two at a time and keeping socially distanced. I live on my own and have not abused the system at all. I will see my sister and her hubby on Christmas day and that wi… . Over Christmas we wont be seeing any of my family but we will still be expected to be in Lockdown afterwards. So will many others who live on their own.

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