Almost like constant media scaring and manipulation to portray people spreading a virus unwittingly as killers has this effect…………. Andy Woolford. How horrible. Like he can be blamed. So stupid. People are so stupid to think this virus is not in charge.. It is FAR more likely that his patient gave it to him!!! Good grief. He followed the rules and even checked to clarify. Poor man.And remember at the time you couldnt get tested if not fitting criteria” .Who decided that medical staff should be exemp… . Στέφ Ζαχάρ. Because people are stupid and filled with fear which is fueled by social media and tv media.. They are just using the illness to be racist and destroy this mans life.. I am sympathize with him , because such a behavior generates hatred. Hey BBC News Please stop using the word Pariah. It is not appropriate to use it in 21st century. Thanks Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Alaskan Malamute

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Alaskan Malamute

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Shame. BBC still writing headlines and using P’ word in this context or any for that matter!. idiots patient zero is the very first one ,at the start of the pandemic,that means patient zero is in china ,probably long disposed of . Red herrings. One word, scapegoat. How many of us have strictly followed the guidelines? We are all, potentially, patient zero.. How is it his fault..the virus is everywhere now !!! Jezzz leave the man alone. There is no one who is immune to problems. We can all find ourselves in such a mess. We learn from mistakes. This whole Covid is and was new to each one of us especially -1st wave.. which had lots of confusion from media ..the testing kits some were fa… . Given the fact that white Americans seems most enthusiastic about and successful at spreading Covid, blaming foreigners and minorities seems out of touch Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Alaskan Malamute

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Alaskan Malamute

The girls mother should have taken her to Africa with her. He broke the rules. 1 PARALIPOMENON (1 CHRONICLES) 21 [22] And David said to him: Give me this place of thy threshingfloor, that I may build therein an altar to the Lord: but thou shalt take of me as much money as it is worth, that the plague may cease from the people. [2… . The man followed his instinct and did the right thing for his daughter.. Sandra Irene
For a medic he sounds irresponsible!
You wait for rules to tell you to do a test before resuming duties when you’ve been galavanting . How is he patient zero when it started in China?. Michael Rains. This what happens when fear mongering is allowed in society, despite the fact that this virus has a 99% recovery rate yo!. Weak people always have to find a target to make themselves feel better

Wow. A lot of American republicans will be so confused because he doesn’t look Chinese.. whatever more made up crap. Rules are not the solution to the problem, but a new way of earning money. Do you know where the money collected by fines is going? I want to ask those who recover through the rules and those who support such work, if the rule is for the progress of … . Maybe he was just testing his eyesight?. What a shame!!! Ignorance breed ignorant people Why can’t everyone just get over this stupidity of color and move on to more important issues.. Canadians used to be such nice people.. We are all brothers and sisters belonging to the same human family.. DIPSTICK. Broke the rules, went to Quebec, came back and gave it to his son and his elderly father. Derailed the provinces leading status at the time. Revisionist defensive BS.

Look, I am from the area, does not matter who you are, if you break the rules people are going to go off on you and say things like this.. very to the culture that exists. No one actually follows through, they would say the same kind of thing to their… . Doctor should not feel threatened nor racial bias. Theyre there to help and save life without bias!. As the Covid numbers continue to climb in the US and around the world, our goal is to reach as many people who may need support, especially during the holidays. Whether you’ve suffered the painful loss of a loved one, personally recovered from COVID-19… See More
Support for Lives Lost and those Affected By COVID-19. Very sad really, why did they bleach patient confidentiality without his consent regardless of his position or race? Did he chose to go back to work as a frontline worker , or was he forced by his employer? With covid 19 , people shouldn’t be judgement… See More
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