Didnt stop the politicians voting themselves an obscene payrise though did it. We’re all in this together apparently. This is the government you voted for.. Dividing everyone even public services against public services now for who deserves and doesn’t deserve a pay rise. At the end of the day taxes will go up so every sector will be worse off in reality it’s a sad time and the Government are manipulating … . Or you could close all the company tax avoidance loop holes and make more than enough to cover the emergency funds and give other hard working public sector subdivisions a pay rise? But then there’d be no lucrative place on the same company’s boards fo… See More. Maybe if he clawed back the billions contracted to Conservative Party insiders for PPE etc that never arrived, didn’t work if the did, or were simply hand-outs to friends and families of Tory donors and their mates—the dirty money is being ignored! Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Animals Dogs Rottweiler Starry Sky American Flag

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Animals Dogs Rottweiler Starry Sky American Flag

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Animals Dogs Rottweiler Starry Sky American Flag - pic 1

Freeze the pay of MPs first! They’ve gotten raise after raise while public sector workers have seen less than inflation increases. Teachers last got a raise above inflation in 2010.. What I dont understand is why MP’s get a pay rise and nobody bats an eye! Their pay should be halved, it is criminal, not only their pay but ridiculous expense accounts too, how DO they sleep at night?. Even pharmacists and dispensers working through the pandemic making sure people got their medication, including care homes get nothing!!!. Private sector workers are looked after by their companies, public sector workers should be looked after by the gov. How are these two things connected I don’t understand. The NHS workers do an incredible job, they do deserve a pay rise. I’ve worked in… . So the private sector who also did a huge amount during these troubled times and are heroes too, the drivers delivering people and goods for instance were not even in the running n yet continue to do what’s expected of them. What makes the opposition t… See More Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Animals Dogs Rottweiler Starry Sky American Flag

Unisex 3D Graphic Hoodies Animals Dogs Rottweiler Starry Sky American Flag

I hope that includes MPs also.. Steven Calleja. He could easily justify a pay rise for all public sector workers as they have worked throughout the pandemic.. Everyone hating the civil service.. been working throughout the entire pandemic to ensure benefits are paid, support to our military is maintained, the furlough scheme payments made etc. Yet another kick in the teeth & nice to know that the contribu… . So he’s now pitting public sector worker against public sector worker, not to mention emergency service worker against emergency service worker. Classic divide & conquer technics. So instead of pay increases more people will be claiming benefits to make ends meet….yep that makes sense. NOT. So will the banks be paying back all the money that bailed them out and Amazon who must have done very well out of the pandemic be paying taxes to help with all the money borrowed recently?

Arman Arya. Mark John Watt Dollar. Amazing news. Now, UK Gov – get Nazanin home!. Wow! tribal prisoners swap system still alive in this modern world!!!. Jun Mar Prado. When is Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe going to be released or swap deal or whatever?. Real life Spooks! Im sure this was the basis of Season 6! David Sharp. I had to do a double take – I just saw “Australian academic kylie”. Just got goosebumps reading this!. Prisoner swap?. Fingers crossed that this sets a precident to get Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe home. The sooner the better.. Haha Dave. That was funny. who is the other swapee??. Got to get that Ratcliffe woman home. She’s worth ten of them.. I wonder who we give me back. DONT GIVE ME A HARD TIME ON HERE.. Time to arrest some top-ranking Iran officials it seems. Worked for the Aussies. Urgent# Morocco’s dictator, King Mohammed VI, died after suffering a severe nervous breakdown

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Dazzling, infamous, extraordinary, genius, outrageous.
Maradona obituary – Maradona: Flawed football genius
Maradona obituary – Maradona: Flawed football genius. A legendary football player with such a tormented private life. Rest in peace, Diego Armando Maradona, you will never be forgotten.. A legend, a genius in the field. As a man, he made so many mistakes in life as any other one. Well keep that image of the World cup Mexico 86. Rest in peace Diego champion.. Wow, such hateful comments on here, so sad to see it. Anyone take the time to watch the film about his journey from his rise to his downfall? Would recommend before making such awful judgements. The man has died, it was football ffs, he’s paid the ulti… . A true legend, the greatest of all. Rest in peace.. Martin Arenas. Oh dear what a sadly news it is! World foot ball lovers has lost one of the the great foot ballers. Diego may your soul rest in peace.

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