Regardless of the prisoners fate, their age, this decision is inhumane!!. Here starts the Conservative SC inhumane, heartless judgements which was packed in a hurry so that the election could be stolen.. “If the Founding Fathers had wanted us to protect elderly prisoners from a plague they would have specifically said so.” Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie Jesus, these people.. A life sentence differs from a death sentence, so I thought. Supreme Court does not think so. Now we learn about our conservative justices.. …. For geriatric prisoners is very bad, ok and that God Bless to all.. Good. Maybe they shouldnt have done something to be placed there. Too bad. Good they’re staying inside and wearing masks, exactly what the democratic government wants them to do. Everyone should be happy.. So the Supreme Court doesn’t believe in basic human decency. We’ll it is conservative heavy now.. Go figure- Republican court . Interesting how many pro-life fanatics support this discussion.

Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie

Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie- navy

All them pro-life Supreme Court justice! Only if you are a Trump campaign worker, red carpet is then rolled out.. Christian Conservative Humanitarians..WWJD?. they formulated a plan but did they put it in place?. Did anyone actually read the article as to why? I know its kinda long, but y’all can do it. With reading comes knowledge.. That’s pretty sick! They are getting it from CO not like they are running around town’ they have not been allowed to have visitors!. If the state takes away your liberty then they are responsible for your welfare. So further indignity to them?. The inmates failed to file their lawsuit correctly and base it on precedent the truth is that guards in TDCJ joke around and don’t wear their masks TDCJ official’s are not doing all they can to stop the spread of covid-19 then those precautionary lock downs malnourish the inmates TDCJ is so bad that it is housing inmates in its education building in military cots Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie

Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie

Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie- grey

Reasonable precautions should be put in place for anyone in a group setting. When did we become such a heartless nation?. They need to round up Trumps apple dumpling gang and send them all back to jail. God Bless Texas and their express lane to perdition.. Save the unborn, let the weak and elderly die. Is this America or a third world country?. Good. States and local authorities should decide.. This shows what we can expect of the Supreme Court nowadays. Worrisome Actions have consequences. Hell with them. You mean where Mr Biden will go.. Even 99% of inmates will survive covid if they catch it. Put masks in their store and force them to buy them if they want to wear one like everyone else.. There was fraud in 2020 election, they switched most of Trump votes to Biden, they have a computer software that won the election for Biden .. Myself and family was democrat but voted for Trump 2020, they goodly switched our votes too… I heard that it happened in Germany, not on US soil.. A little bird told us that a computer software went into action and switched votes from Trump to Biden

Trump dynasty the legacy continues 2024 hoodie- brown

Why are they doing that?. First of all, what do they mean by covid relief? Just read a brief of the case and it seems prisoners are under going the same protocols as we on this side of the fence. Face masks, social distancing, isolating positive people, and treatment. So what is the problem here? Oh and lock downs if felt warranted. we all know about lock downs, dont we? But then i noticed the source of this header. CNN. What a surprise that such a misleading header would come from them!. Masks work. this type of decision has the corrupt slimy snake Abbott and Trump fingerprints all over it. Could someone answer my question. Can people walk into a police department and change Trump* and Pence with murder for the death of love one who die from coronavirus? After all Trump* and Pence said coronavirus was a hoax.. Because Texas is a living hell .

Well, actions have consequences.. Trump’s Lawyer Cohen got out completely because of dangers from C-19. The disarmament of Texas first, before the disarmament of Iran and North Korea, so that peace prevails in the world. Keep that same energy for the geriatric POS in the White House. They will be herded together like prisoners bound in a dungeon; they will be shut up in prison and be punished after many days.”. https://www.breitbart.com//watch-antifa-accosts-women…/
WATCH: Antifa Accosts Women, Children, Elderly, and Restaurant-Goers After MAGA March. CNN is going to try a name change they will now be known as BSN. Sidney Powell just told the world how the corrupt Democrats stole the election. The FBI is now investigating. https://youtu.be/n_p1sonhp-k
The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs. EPOCH TIMES just reported on Zuckerbergs election interference. He gave $350 million to a non profit and they used it to pay election boards. Then the election boards used it to pay off Democrats to work the election and help with the fraud. https://youtu.be/D6La8ung97Q
Voting software Dominion’s hidden ties revealed; Trump’s legal strategy; GOP continues Hunter probe

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