Come to Wadiya..We have stadiums but No games to play in it!!. Flip flop Fauci! This clown and the media has caused far to much anxiety. He has reversed every idea since the start with the most recent being schooling. He would flip after advising and the lamestream would jump on Trump!. One thing I have learned from experience. Once politicians gain more control they rarely give it back. Especially not without a huge fight. Whether the virus is here or not, doesnt matter, they will come up with other excuses and convince the public i… . Yet DeSantis says the Super Bowl will be business as usual in Florida this year.. The end of the Summer, huh? I’d say that’s optimistic, but if people don’t wise up and realize that C19 is real and is deadly we’ll see that window of opportunity shut and lock real quick.. 2021 isn’t going to be any better than this year. Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster- A1

Just like every other CEOcares only about himself. Forgot it’s the people who got him his wealth.. The battle cry of the CEO once again – We need to cut costs” – in other words, “Everyone needs to suffer except me”.. Musk has made his $$$ on his Tesla stock. Few of his rank and file employees can afford to own Tesla stock, so 1) why would they care, 2) they are already working in suboptimal conditions, 3) they really scraped it together already over the last year t… . Why is he blaming the very employees that have no say at all in management cost decisions?. Even if a Tesla were given to me, I wouldnt drive that thing. It’s a cheap looking car.. He must be an absolute delight to work for. Continuous improvement and cost reduction is part of any good manufacturing business.. And what is Elon doing to cut costs or even behave like a responsible owner? Elon should expect of himself first what he expects of others. Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster- A2

Im already feeling yuk! Is that wrong of me? Then again, everything’s relative!. We’ll be ready for all the softball questions.. I don’t think anyone reads or comments on these posts except scammers and people calling you out. You’ve lost all credibility. The recorded phone calls of CNN just sealed its fate.. Why do you lie CNN? Biden is not the president. You are not the ones who decide who is the president, in fact there are many court filings in progress due to the huge fraud committed by the Democrats .. Why do you lie CNN …. Lying is something tha… . Hope the questions were not softballs. Irritated every time I watch CNN. Wonder why I even pay to watch it on my DSTV platform.. CNN is nothing but fake news with no news reporters who have integrity – the entire organization has no integrity, from the top down (we already knew this, but boy, the clips sure do show your real colors).

Surfing When nothing is going right surf left poster- A3

Fake News. Heres the real fact behind this False Article. Pedo Biden have lost to our Glorious President Donald Trump because Pedo Biden have lack of respect, lack of knowledge and wisdom, lack of responsibility, supporting Socialist Policies and embr…
Play GIF. Biden and Harris have won NOTHING but there names. GOD IS NOT DONE YET.. He said he is planning to give massive stimulus which suggest tha he might double or triple the $1200 each person from President Trumps stimulus. Since they say, he is nicer and more generous, he is including the illegals too. After that, he is also pl… See More. It appears that we are now recognizing the firsts for women and the rights of women. There is one group of men that never have received recognition … men that have been subject to the 2017 Selective Service Act. These men were first mandated to regis… See More

Lol yeah but he’ll continue to take a huge salary and live the good life. Smdh. What a tossed.. he knows more of souffles then of sledgehammers.its everyone elses responsibility and or fault….not his….sounds more and more like another dump every day….. Most of the workers only get 20 dollars in hours the cars they produce are 100k
35 years ago people that work for car makers were able to purchase a house with one salary. What a tool. Spoken like a true billionaire.. Maybe it has something to do with VW just announcing that they will be putting $68 Billion into electrying 30 different models by 2023! Love it!. The entire market is about to crash and burn.. It appears that making billions is not enough… Musk needs trillions.. I’m thinking the ’employees’ are the managers, since they control costs, not the peons.. Greediness
Selfishness. Some CEO at CNN must wanna buy a bunch of Tesla stock and is doing what he can to lower the price temporarily with stories like this.

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