So very sad this beautiful child has to suffer I hope with all my heart she will beat this. God bless. . Maybe it’s because we have contact with so many people on Facebook, Tic Toc, etc, but I see so many children with all kinds of cancer. We need to put all of our efforts to finding a cure for all childhood cancers. Praying for this beautiful child.. When will cancer be no more. I hate kids being sick. Praying for healing in the name of JESUS . Yes I will certainly pray for her and your family as you face this trial, May God bless.. My heart hurts for you and your family, I will keep her in my prayers.. I stand in Faith with all for a complete healing with New kidneys & no lingering effects in The Name of Jesus!!! Thank You Jesus!!!. Omg Im so so sorry! I hate this! We need to cure pediatric cancer! It is so evil! Prayers for all!!! Surfing Think less live more poster Pause GIF

Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster- A3

Perhaps I will go to see the NYC tree next year . Daddy Als the tree look awesome at your location!!!! I think the might have damaged the tree in transport(hoping not) and it might take a few days to settle. Thank you for the tree!!. I thought that huge thing was fake all these years seems like a terrible waste to cut a tree that old down just Christmas. How is Cuomo going 2 screw that up? Stay tuned.. First time decked out to bring joy.. I’m sure the left will tear it down. One year i would love to be able to go up and juat see that dang tree with my kids. But my car is junk . Christina Groff. I’ve always wanted to go there. Bucket list.. Now he doesn’t want the people of NY to take the shot. HE WOULD RATHER HAVE THEM DIE!!. Wont be going to City this year to see the sites. I will watch the lighting on tv. Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster

Surfing Think less live more poster- A2

, continue to rest in the peace of the Lord Chadwick Boseman, you will forever be remembered king . Sorry for your loss, A great actor.. Chadwick, was an amazing artist and compassionate human being. Still cant believe he’s gone, he will never, ever be forgotten. May he continue to rest in peace and power.
Play GIF. Chadwic Boseman will forever be in our hearts. He showed the entire world what African American People should be. I am so grateful to the great young man he was. Everyone that watched any of his films should be proud to be black. He is missed dearly. S… . Congratulations
on Nom.
Pause GIF. Wish he was still here. Congratulations. Congratulations RIHP. COME FORTH Chadwick AND BROTHER. Congrats. Congratulations. Congratulations. His Brother could be the Black Panther !!!. Sad!but happy!. Love you . Brothers who favor. Play GIF. undefined. Play GIF. Congratulations. They look like twins

Surfing Think less live more poster- A1

She is so pretty. He keeps asking her and she is still saying no daddy is not the voice of Moana.. Thats not Dwayne’s song.. Not anymore. . You are a joke
Pause GIF. Great Dad… Daddy is awesome. That is so beautiful . Sweet daddy. In jail. I love wwe. So cute u rock. Rock. Wonderful. Great man…. Lol Dwayne is Maui. Ok
Pause GIF. Shannon Naber Weeks Isn’t this the song nash likes?. Pause GIF. Pause GIF. So cute. Awwwww so cute. undefined. undefined. Adorable. Wowo. undefined. All the countries dwayan rock Johnson foundation group fans please take action to north Indian dwayan rock Johnson foundation Facebook Lottrey company staff and agents sum fans very big Fraude and fake all the countries peoples paid the amount to excha… . I. Pause GIF. He a joke. This makes me smile every single time . Dewaney the Rock. I love you !!

Glad they caught him and feel better Rick . Good! Let Captain America have a crack at him.. Sherry Phelps. That was a terrible thing, imagine if it happened to you.. Nobody punches, the key master” and gets away with it! . Even though I cant stand him as an actor Im glad his attacker was caught. Where’s he at?
Pause GIF. Who the hell hates on Rick Moranis!?. Arrest the thugs in DC today that attack the peaceful marchers. Antifa, BLM, THUGS.. Way to go NYPD!! No one messes with an American/ Canadian National Icon!!!! Side note I know there are more crimes to solve but I’m happy.one by one step by step!!!. I’m on some other groups where people are actually defending the criminal and not one word about Rick. This is the new generation we raised apparently.. That’s great news. Good. He deserves maximum sentence.. Dari Marenus
Audrey 2 is waiting for him! Nobody hurts Rick Moranis!
Play GIF

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