Megan your daddy was a traitor a songbird.so who cares what you think. We dont like betrayal of party and country. Im not fan of her but he got that one coming,what goes around comes around,he shouldn’t never disrespect a pow period.. Absolutely appropriate quote. Congratulations McCain family.. Yup she does! Thanks Megan . Good for you Megan! The guy has no couth what so ever!! I feel so bad for the American people of the damage he’s caused Donna Bachler. She has every right!! He has said disgusting and disrespectful things about her father. He can dish it, but can’t take it.. A record 78 million people voted against Donald Trump, making him the biggest loser in American election history. Really, really hard for a incumbent president. Want a second term, do a better job.. Hilarious. I love Senator John McCain daughter.. Well never make fun of a Decorated POW while you dodged draft!!! Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster

Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster

Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster- A3

Hes Harry Styles not Harry no Styles. Sarah Aubin. Brandi Howard. Cherij Jarrett. I’m sorry but that is an ugly dressI’m not sure I would call it a dress more like a contraption. But whoever designed this dress will never see heaven. Come out already…. Absolutely gorgeous and dresses like a complete tool . Nor does the one in the article he’s posing in… guy or girl- wouldn’t matter.. I don’t care if he’s wearing a dress or jeans and a t shirt. He’s damn handsome.. Thats why Harry didnt want to become Prince Eric in Ariel, cuz he wants to play Ariel, nor Eric!. Natalia Roldan. Harry Styles rocks ALL of the looks!!! Have you seen Golden? . What an achievement for the mankind… the first man on the Vogue cover! Wow!. Shannon Catledge. Where did all the cowboys go? Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster Play GIF. With the plat form that he’s got; THIS is what he chooses???

Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster

Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster- A2

Love that John McCain got the last laugh! . My views are extremely different from the McCain family but I think it’s safe to say that I Love Them! . My political views are different than the McCain family but I support them. You go Meghan!. Good for her! After the jab he took at her father, as anyone one would do if someone disrespected their American soldier dad!!!. Considering everything he has said about her decrease Father its tame!. Love you Meghan! Love and miss you dad John McCain so very much!!! He was an amazing hero And wonderful man!!! I also felt safe with him here! We all owe him a great deal of gratitude even the evil . Yep, she fits right in with the rest of them on The View. ( And that is NOT a compliment!). Good for her for speaking out. Funny how everyone selectively forgot how he trashed her father.

Surfing Some girl are just born with the waves in their souls poster- A1

Karma Leony. I see the CCP were congratulating him this morning They are Salivitating at the mouth , cant wait for the USA to fall . What will the new emblem be for the USA .. Karah Emm. undefined. undefined. undefined. Guess who isnt” getting a new laptop 4 Christmas? . The Trupeteers can’t handle that a gentleman and a real lady are going to be the head of your Country….Daffy can’t handle it either. The man needs to go into an Asylum to be tested for some kind of mental illness…maybe he will get it in jail.. Never judge a book by its cover, I had always talked rubbish about the spiritual healers because i was living a luxurious life with my husband and kids. I never believed that anyone can solve someone’s problems. I could rudely reply to the posts about … . Love you Joe

Well I guess YOU would be a better person when someone makes fun of your father that went trough hell. The kind of hell that many did not live through. He and other heroes that made it home a live caring those that didn’t will forever be living the nig… . Trump has always been a mouth piece and lately words like how he dsn’t like losers are coming back as he is the loser in the election. He is hiding in the bunker doing nothing for the America people. Great legacy to leave your grandchildren not that … See More. Snap!. Adriana Callahan. Can’t blame her. How that bloviating and sociopathic draft dodger and orange AntiChrist addressed her father – and other American service members – is despicable.. Id think this is funny except that I don’t much care for Meghan McCain.. Good for Meghan. Hard to figure trumpsters who laugh and support a loser/ draft dodger who publicly ridiculed a man during his painful last days and even in death. Sick!

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