WE ALL want JUSTICE!! Why is the DOJ pretending their is no vote fraud? WE have all SEEN it!. Thank you President Trump we need to support each other to get through all these things this Country going through.. If and until the steal is addressed/stopped – how can anyone trust this corrupt system? This very platform is swamp – the governors and mayors are swamp & clearly, the voting system is corrupt with swamp scum. We see how hard it is for you to go again… . It’s funny how the media is acting like you are bringing down people’s confidence in the election.. Good move Mr President.. The country really appreciates what you do for fellow Republicans I just wish they were as loyal to you. Reference Georgia Governor & Secretary of State shameful people!!!. Don’t give up Mr. President! Hold the Line!. Get rid of dominion and mail in ballots first!! Surfing knowledge poster

Surfing knowledge poster

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How can they when in Georgia? The election was rigged and Georgia is the biggest fraud.. Continuing to pray for you and the Patriots. Thank you for General Flynn and others who love our country and do not want the evil Cabal to make our world Socialist. We are not for the NWO or the Great Reset they have had in store for us. We are th… . You are doing a great job, President Trump.. I fear this will be stolen like the Presidential election–pray not but the Liberals are donating millions for the unqualified opponents! Fraud big time again!. Their voting system needs to be changed before election day and not after they have stolen it.. Thank you Mr. President for putting our country first again, while youre in the fight of your life. Praying for free, fair, and transparent elections in Georgia!. We need you to win 2020 President Trump! Unbelievable that this all around fraud has taken over our right to choose a President! Surfing knowledge poster

Surfing knowledge poster

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ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP. Sir do you know why we love you so much? Its because you didnt have to but rather you chose to. God bless you. If they were great they would be beating down Kemp’s door to declare an emergency with all the voting irregularities!. My love fight ! Don’t have a fear we trust in you from Italy to japan !!!
. Support President Trump keeping fighting fighting against try try in Georgia.. for 4 more years..
Play GIF. Must ensure a clear and fair election. Broke my heart to see our beloved nation go down like this. The hard won freedom that The Founding Fathers fought for must not end in our generation. Keep fighting!. Praying for your safety and for your supporters Mr. President. Keep fighting! The shadows will be exposed and the truth will come out, in Jesus name, Amen.

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Nope, not importantpathetic. You lost fair and square. Your loyal Mr. Barr confirms it. Wonderful speech. He doesnt even need a script. He just speak his heart and is very fluent. That’s the president the USA deserves.. If the things you say are true, and your evidence is presented in court, why aren’t you winning your many lawsuits?. This is disgusting what happened.. I don’t care who you voted for everyone that voted should be angry that someone or something caused this.. it is absolutely fraud it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! All media should also be coving this it’s … . Thank you Mr President . Hang in there . Gods got this . Liars and cheaters and thieves are being exposed . We are fighting for our America that belongs to God. You won this election by a landslide. As Attorney Lin Wood said today at the press conference in GA with Attorney Sidney Powell you won 410 electoral votes including CA!!

The whole thing was so crooked, against our Great President, and the facts are well known, so they should declare our President the winner and forget the work. The guilty ones who were so crooked in changing votes, tossing ballots and using fixed votin… . Who watches TV this often in the middle of a workday ?. Youre own Attorney General has just concluded that there was no evidence of fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election.. Donnie is a LIAR. HE LOST.. Mr. President, we as Americans who are true to the right values, find these two whistleblowers heros, for no reason; decided to come forward and receive grief of all kinds, to tell an unconstitutional situation that needs investigation. Thank you to th… See More. Cant wait for the real losers to go down. All of them. . The amount of corruption is MUCH wider and heavier than anyone imagined. Thank God for those coming forward. Need a National Emergency proclamation now!

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