Because no body cares about anything but vacationing ..why because covid is only the flu ..never heard of 200.000 people having the flu in one day in my life time ..But thats what people are saying..So I’ll go on a flipping cruise..aboard a ship ..in … . Craziness must prevail to take a Cruise right now?!!. Why in the world would you go on a cruise in the midst of a pandemic that is increasingly worsening?! . Why is it so important to go on a Cruise when there is a Pandemic? That’s what want to know!!!. I love that people are surprised by this. . Can the smart people start taking over? I can’t take the dumbness anymore.. Who thought this trip was a good idea and how rubbish were the medical/quarantine plans that meant cases got through the net like this?. I didn’t realize they lifted the no-sail order on November 1st. Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don't fear death poster- A3

Lynn Marie Geddes. Why would you be in a cruise ship ????? If you get Covid you asked for it didnt they see what happened a few months ago some people never learn… Lisa Carriere-Gosselin. Keep them on ship. They chose to go inspite of Pandemic so spend it on ship! They would infected people on land so keep them at sea. The movie will be called. Dagmar Gagea. Seriously?! These selfish people are ruining it for everyone else. Give your head a shake.. Just crazy why go on a cruise in a middle of the pandemic. Wow that was dumb taking a cruise while a pandemic is going on. Just what did they think would happen?!. Blanche Guillory Williams. Why the hell would you cruise and risk it for the buscuit . Seriously, did we learn nothing about cruiseships this year?. I hope its safe to go when we’re supposed to go in August Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don’t fear death poster

Surfing Don't fear death poster- A2

STOP TEASING US!!!!. Chloe Banafsheha. Louise Ann! Friends reunion special. Play GIF. Krysta Guns Friends party March 2021 . Jenny did you see this . bird rides gets funded by Sequoia Capital, and joined by investors Accel, B Capital, CRV, Sound Ventures, Greycroft and e.venture.”
“Mark Suster, an early Bird investor and general partner at the Santa Monica fund Upfront Ventures.”. so this actually is of reunions? so there actually is a difference of 2017 on preDICKStions and making it real like today vs a movie about a reunion without masks/stimulations. how powerful more dicks and gay dicks need to be in america and outside(app… . Growing up has never come the easier way. It comes with lots of challenges like lost marriages, lost love, financial and job problems and so many more, but still there has always been a solution to every challenges that we face in life. Life has been s… See More

Surfing Don't fear death poster- A1

Thank you, Mr. Trebek, for much, incl. the importance of civility, having honor & being decent, vital keys of & for the human race. That’s one of the reasons we loved and respected him! Blessings to his family.. A true man of character . God bless you Mr.Trebeck lack of respect also. God bless his soul RIP. Luv you! Rest In Peace Alex Trebek.. Too bad there arent more of himdecency…and respect…. In other words, not a Trump supporter!. He was not for All the Riots and burning down businesses.. Rest In Peace my friend, you will truly be missed!. The world needs about a million more people like this man RIP Mr. Trebek. Joy Shackelford Whittle
Loved him.
He seemed like a down to earth good stand up guy.. Hey People, WHY NOT put Alex Trebek on the cover of next week’s issue.. Prayers. Trump happened…. A true model of all that’s a man of character!!

Beautiful. Mark Liu
They would make a cute couple and have beautiful babies!. Carolina Costa
That is how we call it now? . Gabriella Misha Black no. Sarah Muth-Cord Pickles and Zito need to step up their game. My wife left me with my two kids, 5 months ago all because of my mistake I was heart broken and I wanted her back no matter what, she was upset and refused to come back to me and our boys, but thanks to that friend of mine who directed me to Dr Ben.

·. Never judge a book by its cover, I had always talked rubbish about the spiritual healers because i was living a luxurious life with my husband and kids. I never believed that anyone can solve someones problems. I could rudely reply to the posts about … See More. I have not seen anything that is so perfect like Dr..iyamu have always live a life of a happy man but when my lover left me then everything about me changed, This was because I loved her so much and at times she was always part of my daily life. I was… See More

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