It’s was their choice to have many kids. Who in the right mind has that many kids in 2020?. Thats wonderful of her but where’s the dad?. Should not have had 12 kids. Virtually ensures they will be impoverished for decades.. Wow too much…. she needs to set up a GoFundMe.. Why is it that everyone automatically assumes black mother’s have multiple fathers for their kids, live off taxpayers/assistance and don’t work? This lady & children lost their mother & father & all anyone can sit & say is “don’t have that many kids” “… . I’m rearing my two grandchildren 5 and 6 by myself and there are days…like today, when I’m completely overwhelmed…and then one of them will hug me out of nowhere and I know the sacrifices are definitely worth it. God bless this family.. I can’t believe how mean some people are. This lady lost her sister and those kids lost their mother. Show a little sympathy, geez. Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster- A2

For the people that laughed at this post there is a place in hell for you. The Ugliness on this post is mind bending.i sincerely hope you all have a giant rally!!!. Hoping someone of celebrity status sees this and helps her … and may her go fund me continue to grow, so that the kids social security they get from their parents death can go toward their college education. Families are so wonderful, my Aunt was told by the doctors that she would inherit 7 kids from ages. Hey CNN, this woman is a HERO! Anyone that can take on five more children and keep an attitude like hers is deserving.. God bless her for raising her sister’s children. It’s important for them to be in a home with someone who loves them. My own grandmother and her sisters were placed in an orphanage when her father died in an accident & her mother could not find a place… Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster- A3

May The Most High God protect her and her family and also Bless them with what ever they need. May He meets all of the family needs. so sorry for your loss but God bless you for your decision. Is there a go fund me set up for this sweet lady?. Bless your heart.May our Father give you the strength,the good health, the wisdom and compassion in your lifes journey with these beautiful children..may your raise them well!. I’m sure her 7 kids as well as her sisters are being takin care of by tax payers money. Food stamps, Medicare, section 8. Now this is why people need money assistance. Why, why, does our government deny these monies for them???. Honestly I don’t know why this big deal in Latin families this is normal. What would happen to these children without your love and strength? So sorry for the loss of your beloved sister. May God watch over all of you.

Surfing And she lived happily ever after poster- A4

Wow! That’s a tremendous undertaking. I have two little ones and there are times even just two feels overwhelming. I hope her community can help too somehow. I’m glad she’s keeping them all together and with family. I’d do the same for any of my sister… . This is so sad. The kids mom and dad died of covid and the sister, who is a single mom, now has to take care of 12 kids alone. And the mon of the kids was only 35 and her husband didnt look much older. For those who think this virus only kills the… See More. Amazing, strong individual, God will bless you or has already blessed you abundantly . I do not have children of my own, but I am raising my sister children also and taking care of my mom. I know how hard it is. I am sorry for her lost. Although, there be days that are hard, God will give her the strength just like me. She is the childre… See More

He also needs to congratulate Trump for Operation Warp Speed . I wonder how much they will pay him to fake taking the vaccine?. Obama, complete sentences and no Temper tantrums and outrageous tweets unlike Agolf Twittler 45!
Play GIF. Good for you, Mr. Obama, sir. I wish I could be there, too. I would stand at your side and also receive the vaccine proud that I could be there to show its safety as well. . I will get the vaccine. ASAP! My Son already got it during the Pfizer stage three vaccine trials. He is several months out and has immunities to Covid. He has no adverse issues.. I’d rather wear a mask for the rest of my life then get the vaccine. He is so confident he plans on getting it twice!. I will also get the vaccine if I can get on tv.. I’ll pass I don’t trust vaccines I’ll focus on keeping my immune system healthy . Wouldn’t be shocked if it’s mark of the beast

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