Doggy heaven! Dogs just love sticking their heads out of the window or having a strong breeze. Great capture of doggy happiness!. My FAVORITE Dog breed Ever.They truly do have a Golden Heart!!. Awe our Yahtzee girl who passed 6 months ago, just loved to have the windows down! One of her favorites. Cute. Isn’t funny how dogs love to hang their heads out of vehicle windows and/or let the breeze blow them in the face — but heaven forbid you blow in their face?. All he needs are some goggles !. Faster dad faster make the wind blow through my hair!!!. This is my golden every day to go check mail !!!!. Oh that fresh air . That looks like my baby girl everyday when I take her to the park. Karen Shrader. Loving that fresh air and breeze. Awesome our dog Missy loves the window open . !I in the good life Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A4

Good for him. Good for him! We are doing the same! Free country! Enjoy the holiday with your friends and family !. Seriously?!! Why does it matter that he has family around for thanksgiving?!?! Mind ya business people. It’s the holiday season. Have some compassion. If you as an individual don’t wanna be around your own family then that’s your choice but don’t be ha… . Yes go ahead and not care! So if you of a member of your family,you will be right at the hospital doors wanting care. You should be turned away, but we can’t have you or your family spreading the virus to those that are doing everything that can be don… See More. Moronlots of selfish people out there. If you’re more concerned about turkey and pie maybe you’ve lost sight of the thankful/grateful part.. What a glowing example of being responsible!. Good for you. Everything has heen taken from us. Some of us went from being well off before covid. Own real estate, help the community and now cry ourselves to sleep on how we are gonna pay for christmas. The buildings we own i still have to pay utilit… See More Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A3

I’m going to use this line from now on when I hear anyone complaining.
You know whats really uncomfortable and annoying? When you die”. Tonya Angell. Ajuliar Woods
Facts! Wear the freaking mask. Reduce your thanksgiving. Drop the bar. Basically use some self control.. People just suck it up. I feel bad for the nurses, drs. and medical workers who have to wear it all the time.. It’s the road to.death thsts the worst from covid . Thank you, someone with common sense and decency. Why can’t everyone just suck it up, wear the mask, and follow the rules so we can get this thing gone sooner than later?. Just wear a mask. It’s pretty simple !!! It’s not forever ! . Great and smart guy. He’s not lying!. Mask it or casket . Definitelypeople have to decide..the little inconvenience or death.. Amen!. Amen. I mean….he’s not wrong.. Lisa Alisa Kot Bazilio

Surfing And into the ocean i go to lose my mind poster- A2

The fact that he claims to be a man of God, but lives in a 1.5M mansion, should tell you all you need to know. #falseprophet #scamartist #paytaxes. Ahhhhhhh one more diddeling so called man of God. Ashley Turner Smetana. Judy Wilkey. one more con. Why should religious sectors be tax free??. Krystle Gadawski. Growing up has never come the easier way. It comes with lots of challenges like lost marriages, lost love, financial and job problems and so many more, but still there has always been a solution to every challenges that we face in life. Life has been s… . I cant explain how I each time I receive my profile from your company platform, what can I say than thanks,I went through THE page two months and was being scared but now I can build up my foundation with your efforts thanks so much
https://www… See More
Nastassja Anastassia

Im sure that aint the only virus running through her body. There’s nothing worse than an old, washed up, nobody.still trying to come up with reasons to be relevant in the media.. NiKisha Sanders. Wait…ironic that she’s been all over Facebook with her drama with the kardashians lately and now suddenly she has covid too? . Well a lot men will need to quarantine for 14 days. Yes, when you are so sick and in pain let’s take pictures and post it on social media!. Sarah Danielle. Tiffany Swartz. Well along with thousands of others that have it quarantine dah. Tell this girl to have a sandwich and a lemsip oh and a warm blanket whilst she’s at it!. Thirsty dusty ole tumbleweed….. Never heard of her. Sorry she’s ill tho.. How does the media get word of this?. Carla Weaver. Is this Scottie Pippen’s wife ?. Seriously??!! Girl was just blabbing away…

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