Magdalena Maria. We would not call him a knight in the UK! A hero is someone who puts his own life in danger to save another. Skull Steelers 3d hoodie Football players are NOT heros! That man who saved the drowning woman is a hero.. All those people standing there, her friends also, but it takes an elderly man to actually rescue herWell done Sir..You are a credit… Hats off respect to you Mr Stephen. Bravo. Super hero in the real life. Play GIF. Dont know what the time scale is this rescue ? ( editing ?)… but then there’s a life ring thrown in . While she was drowning her friends were probably filming TikToks….. The word hero” is used pretty loosely these days. This is NOT one of those instances. Well done!. Ian Jones. Kidda bit a shame thats lots of peoples watching but nobody want to save her… instead only the old man had sense enough to jump on the water just to save her life.. is there anybody know how to swim to all those audiences,

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Some people do not wear Hats but they are real hero at the crucial moment here is the best one . I don’t know what is scarier: the fact that she was drowning in still waters or the fact that so many people were there just looking, not doing a thing. Thank goodness that man arrived.. Amazing, definite hero and so modest!. Barbara Liddell Skull Steelers 3d hoodie Not all heroes wear capes. British ones wear stripey socks . The fact that everyone else just stands there and watches/films on their phones. You’d think they’d try and help . I have heard chinese people are reluctant to rescue a person who are in trouble. Because of lots of sued cases. How brave that gentleman is. In addtion, he is the UK diplomat!!!!!. Real hero. Too many wanna be directors who’d rather film the scene of a dying person than jump in. Too many coward’s in this world, so well done him

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All those people watching The bystander effect’. So Happy you were there to rescue the young lady. You are indeed a real Hero.!!!. Why so many people just standing and doing nothing ? Get in there and do the human thing well done to the lad who jumped in .. Hero in China……
If you really know about China, you know that there is no hero in China.. You are a British Hero congratulations. Maisim Merry. Maybe no one could swim?. How come an elderly English man is the only one willing to save that poor woman. I guess that is the nature of Chinese public that is shaped by 80 years of CCP indoctrination.. Shame none of the others were helping . So today I learned that no one in China can swim!. Sorted himself out a date. Lad.. Most daring rescue in 3 feet of water ever caught on camera.

So the tiers system didnt work and we had to go into this sort of lockdown which also they have doubts it’s worked as they talk about going back into tiers again if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.. Andrew Gadd. It appears that the Covid-19 fear is fading away among the youths. I guess another ‘deadliest version’ is being cooked”, already on the table ready to be served come 2021….. It’s silly to call it a lockdown when everybody is carrying on as normal(apart from small businesses and pubs who spent a fortune on Health and Safety measures). Mainly because people just aren’t following the rules! We went to the beach today for a walk. Lovely takeaway cafe with all the measures in place and only about 20 people in a large open space. Yet still some weren’t following the one way system to use…

Steve Simon. Angela Garcia
( The Great Reset)
Greed, control, power.. Not sure why people keep banging on about not being able to go to the pubpubs have been shutting left right and centre for years as people would rather sit in their gardens…now told not to they want to go to the few pubs left. Im just lost for words….one week rates are going down…all going forward , then overnight rates change and we need more tighter restrictions…..bizarre and frustrating all this….. Why don’t we just stay in lockdown for longer then as these tier systems are a pain and often mean places have to open without any compensation for little traffic. It just gets too complicated better to have a six week lockdown and then come out with j… . To be honest, stricter measures are needed. Things ended up under better control in the 1st lockdown – with people now ignoring the more relaxed rules, we’ll never get the infection rate under control like this.

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