She’s one classy lady.. I bet your young daughter is soooooo proud of you.NOT. She’s the most low class person ever.. I thought she had one of those nose strip things on… Lol. How many more ways are you going to puke up stories about her and the Kardashians? . I’ve been waiting for her voting confirmation all day . Wonder how she filled in the boxes with those finger nails.. I am so glad I am not her fan hehehehe because she is so low class. Sonia Prince. Who would pay attention to what she says with a “potty mouth” like that? She has no class. Not as easy as spiking a clients drink though.. Can that woman talk without dropping the f bomb… 10 to one, kultures first word was not mommy but the f bomb. And this is a Biden supporter!!! It says it all. she is funny we need her spirit sometimes Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster - A4

I have a feeling this divorce will be pretty amicable.they have a mutual respect for each other….but we shall see.. I’m actually pretty bummed about their divorcing, they seemed very happy and he seems like such a good man to her.. Gail Webb. Can’t help but wonder if she didn’t go on the real housewives show, and got herself a helping of fame, if she would stay with him.. Flying coach isn’t that bad, she’ll be fine.. Sherri Jones. Anne Marie Anzalone. Dude he starts getting sued and she jumps ship….or to shift assets hmmm Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster Play GIF. Hes a crook and she benefited greatly. He paid for her fame…she doesn’t need him anymore.. Play GIF. 4 People do not understand how this holy spirit who acts, speaks in tongues, who prophesies right, works miracles, who forbids unworthy people from approaching the holy communion can be demons. The Baptists, assemblies of gods, Pentecostals… cannot a…

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster - A3

What relevance does her sexual orientation, and HIS having changed his anatomy to that of a woman, have to do with any qualifications for the job? Is he running to represent ALL the constituents, or is he running to become one more activist in Congress?. She may be all those things but doesnt represent me since it defies God’s law of nature.. Brian Logan. that’s what we need more confused people lol. HOW DR. Agbator FIX MY BROKEN RELATIONSHIP. Contact His Email: (dragbator323@gmail.com) Good day everyone am here to share the wonderful work of Dr. Agbator after 2 years of marriage my husband started acting weird and going out with different ladies… . How i my marriage was restored. After a year of Broken marriage, my lover left me with one kid, I felt like ending it all, i almost committed suicide because She left us with nothing, i was emotionally down all this while. Thanks to a spell caster called Dr Maxwell which i met onlin… See More

Rabbit be strong be brave be humble be badass poster - A1

Dont even run your mouth on Cardi if you’re gonna deny the fact that your first lady posed nude for money, married for money and is a bot . Hope she brought a bucket and a mop with her so no one else had to smell it . Reading the comments . Class at its finest ! Please help us. Trump2020. Never heard of her, but on looks alone, I’m thinking a Biden supporter.. She’s not a good role model. This is how you Represent” …. Blaire Everett. Luis Obed. Michelle Eagle. Cardi B should pick up her low hanging WAP and move to a different country since you know she would have a “meltdown” if trump was re-elected . She is a horses tail lol. Keep those votes coming. A vote for TRUMP is a vote for AMERICA! . undefined. Jessie Mane. Yeah keep spreading corona at the strip clubs you and your hubby been at with hundreds of people with no mask!!! Fake hypocrite

Make him promise. Pretty sure he’s never spent an inch of time in MI otherwise. Who cares! If you need to make threats to be president, you do not deserve such.. Michigan, see that as a huge plus!!. He said that to us in Minnesota too, please , please , maybe it will be a promise kept !!. It wouldnt surprise me if he already has plans to leave the country.When he loses , his problems have only begun.. Lucky Michigan!!!! I hope he has that plan for California too!. also that he will leave, and may never, ever come back. VOTE PEOPLE!. Maybe he’ll have to go to one of those “shithole” countries to avoid prosecution!. I am very happy for Michigan. Now, if he could make that promise to ever other state and county, that would be awesome. . Sonya Davis. Yes please never go back to Michigan and please please leave the country and never return better yet crawl under the rock you crawled out of

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