Jr Fontenot. The guy used ALL his private wealth in 2008 to save Tesla and SpaceX which tells it all about his intentions and priorities. Good luck Elon. So Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffet, will be taking care of the financial side of getting Covid19 vaccinations to the people wolrdwide who are in poverty, yes?. And this is why you cant trust a man with this much wealth because he plans to nuke a planet he doesnt even live on just to go and place people on it after its nuked and this is someone you all would follow…. Soon he is going to overtake Jeff bezos, because he is concerned about the future of humanity. We need space stuff, not Amazon.. For me bill gates still the richest he’s the only billionaire that helps poor people all over the world by giving millions of dollar each year in the charity jeff bezos is busy focusing on his blue origin Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster

Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster

Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster- A4

Yeah but he will never enjoy lifes greatest gifts: Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster Finding an extra jaffa cake in your box of 6. That position ought to make him happy enough and comfortable enough to start find innovative ways to solve human suffering and some environmental issues around the planet. I hope you do worthy things with your wealth Too many people have too little and no way to pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty. So presumably he can afford to pay his workers fairly and make the infamously dangerous Tesla factory more safe, right?. Az Khan. Both of them have today, yet again, decided NOT to end world hunger. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!. Somehow, ironically even Corona impact is only on the economy of poor and middle class. Big guys seem to be immune to its effect.. This is what happens when you surpass nasa and start the downfall of the oil industry. He’s a visionary and a genius. He is not the worlds 2nd richest person though.

Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster

Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster - A3

Those cctv very important peace and order in every city.only criminals felt guilty.. What did they have to hide. ??? If you havent done anything wrong then you want care about camera surveillance. My cousin also said she felt so safe walking at night alone I guess it’s the pros and coins thing. I thought the UK was the worst for cameras?. They only needed a Zebra Crossing on the road, one more adult, and we could Pseudo-recreate Abbey Road!!. Makes no difference ducking and diving .Until you junk your techno crap they can follow you without cameras.. The UK is the most surveillance reliant country in Europe, dont start that nonsense…. It has a broader context than just China, every country in the world places more and more reliance on surveillance technology. China is one example of an overkill. It won’t be long CCTV is so dense that it cover every edge and corner of the globe. Ever…

Pilot Some boys are just born with the sky in their souls poster- A2

I only hope that as he ages, Musk realises that he cant take a cent of his wealth with him when he goes! !! Maybe as he sees the end nearing he may suddenly become very altruistic and do SO many wonderful things for so many poor people that he will be… . Bill Gates is the man we recognize.. His philanthropy has changed lives. Good for him, he is the guy that took all the risk! I’m happy for him.. To be honest the only people making a fuss are poor and average ppl who are focused on their 9-5 and never tried taking a risk, not daring to dream big. Non of these ultra rich are fussing over who has more assets over the other. Question though, why d… See More. Telling people it’s a bubble. His value gone up ten fold in a year. Has tesla sold ten fold more cars? Has space x got ten fold more trips to space? Underlying business is what will eventually determine value. Gates has been overtaken before. Bezo… See More

If this happened to a Conservative PM.. all the Conservative Karen’s and Chads would be giving “Greta” death threats . I live in Canada. I have friends in EU and USA and South America. Believe me, they would love to be cared for financially that we are.. I have aeroplane clash information before 70 years.as i think the page is known and international so you can inform for families of those……..Its aroun S.N.N.P.R IN ETHIOPIA this is not for beging any body but the truth is that.. He can’t even tell the difference between the money he takes from the government and the money he earns from the government, it’s all same same to him!. Prince Harry also falled for this . im sure biden would love a phone call from greta. I mean, it sounds like he responded properly and with the dignity of the office he holds… when it turned out to be a prank, they disconnected. What’s the big deal?

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