Hilario Michael Personalized custom name Us navy all gave some some gave all christmas sweater Politicians hate him because He’s NOT one of Them.. Steve Hargis Ag Consulatant Right on Brother!!!. Ronald Flanigan Fake news never tells the truth because they are all owned by Globalist who hate America and what it stands for. President Trump has done more for the American people then the last four Presidents combined. TRUMP2020 . 4 More Years .. Rachael Lee Can anybody tell me the good things Biden and Harris have done for our country? I am still waiting to hear anything at all on that. I GAVE UP ON RIGGED SYSTEM AT AGE 19,SEE DJT WIN IN 2016,FINALY AMERICAS GOT A CHANCE,SO I DECIDED TO REGISTER TO VOTE. 31 YEARS AGO I VOTED.. Olu Femi Yeah, thats the shity American media. My wife in Nigeria isn’t even a Trump fan but still got pissed off by CNN. She said CNN aren’t made a day without trying to run president Trump down. CNN hated president Trump too much that people started loving President Trump. My friend in UK isn’t president Trump fan either but still hates CNN lies. CNN survived post Hillary election Era, I am still wondering if CNN wouldn’t go down with Joe and Hunter Biden

Personalized custom name Us navy all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

Personalized custom name Us navy all gave some some gave all christmas sweater- pic 1

Eva Bayles Personalized custom name Us navy all gave some some gave all christmas sweater yes you have to listen to honest people from radio more to get the truth it seems as fake media Never does and lies about Trump ALL the time:(. He exposed these sorry money hungry fucks they never been for the American people and when I say American people it means all races trump 2020. People believe the headlines from the fake media and sadly a lot of people don’t do the research.. You can load a gun with too much powder and it will backfire. Democratic goons are finished. Georgia just flipped blue. Go peaceful army. Go blue!!!-. I voted for trump in 2016 . Completely stopped paying attention than the impeachment happens and bam like that I am watching everything. Liberals are hack and need to be voted out!. Theres a war going on, not the kind with guns and tanks. Big businesses are involved, Facebook, Twitter, mainstream media. OUR largest pork supplier was recently sold for the United States. Oh yeah even the NBA! If you have any questions or misunderstandings please watch this short video. This is going on with most of the businesses in the USA. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE! https://youtu.be/yNfNuEfaE38 YOUTUBE.COM Tucker blasts Mark Cuban’s defense of NBA’s business with China Tucker blasts Mark Cuban’s defense of NBA’s business with China

Personalized custom name Us navy all gave some some gave all christmas sweater

If only we had a Justice Department! This guy shouldnt be running for President he should be running from the US Marshals.. Not just him, but all his family. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, everyone.. Yep, and lining his and his family’s pockets at tax-payer expense.. Such a liar, he has sold out America to other countries for years.. for his own gain.. All the Democrats are liars not just Joe and Kamala Elizabeth, Bernie , and Mike are too and Nancy too even Mike getting 90% to vote Democrats which is fraud and illegal. He knows how to not tell the truth. All Americans better wake up in November.. This information needs to get out to the American people. It’s a shame that the liberal media covers all this up.. Danilo Deaño. The truth would be a nightmare to Biden.. He and his cohorts should be in jail!!. Sloppy Joe is a total liar,

If I only hear the news media talk about one candidates greatness and always down play another. I always vote for the one downplayed, epically in Presidential elections.. Democrats take hate and use people’s hurt and struggles so they can succeed.
They use people as weapons to burn down homes, break the backs of small businesses and bring fear and intimidation to the American People.
Time to draw a RED LINE all the way down!
Trump2020. Spread the word, there are so many people that listen to the majority of the media that tell all lies about Trump so Americans don’t know the true story of all the good things he has done. VOTE red in November and make sure others you know do the same. TRUMP 2020!!!!!. Tell your friends look into it to and yourself main street media is not going to tell you the truth. The GOP works hard everyday and are led by a real leader not a commi like the Democrats .

Catherine Summers. Quid pro quo Joe. And they had the nerve to impeach Trump, accusing him of quid pro quo. It was a proper call.. You can show Joe the video of the quid pro Quo show him the evidence of emails documents and bank transactions but he still will lie!. My Gosh Joe just tell the Truth for once in your life. No body believes your bulls____. Go down to your bunker and stay there . Your at the point in your life thats all you know is lies there’s no Truth in you and we all know it Your a crook & … . Jim Montalbano. Interestingly enough though Hunter Hunter has accompanied Vice President Joe Biden on junkets to China and the Ukraine. Networking at the highest levels for Hunter? Introductions to business contacts for Hunter? Naw Man just my son going along for the … See More

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