Holding the Stimulus Check Nancy think it will make people get angry against Trump. But she is terrible wrong. Most people hate her. Not really. Pelosi has failed to negotiate. Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt. Even her party members are moving against her. You know she’s wrong when CNN and MS NBC criticize herNancy wants billions for illegals and President Trump will not support it or the Republican Party.

Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt

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But then when he found out that wasn’t a good plan, he changed it so no he is not the one in the way here…its Pelosi.because he wanted the bullshit out of the deal. Things that had NOTHING to do with the people but did have to do with her special interest groups.thats wrong because people get angry now with her… her own party already want her to sign it and when she was interviewed by CNN she was getting crazy. No wonder why Trump called her crazy Nancy..I will love to live in your imaginary world..Did you complain when Drumpf starved federal workers to build imaginary border walls??.Where are you from???..Listen,It’s better to go back to your country,and maybe you would do better.yes he did and it was the rite thing to do. Nutty Nancy wanted trillion s of dollars of pork to bail out the left wing city’s that the Dems let burn to the ground. Trump offered 1.8 trillion to go to help people effected by cova and Nancy refused unless she got what she wanted educate yourself before you make such wrong statements.you live in Israel so don’t tell other people what they should do. You don’t live here, you don’t pay taxes so butt out.We can’t have all that other stuff added on there. It’s just supposed to be a stimulus. Not a load of money for planned Parenthood and other pet projects. Personalized custom name Black And White Skull Hawaiian Shirt. Not everybody speaks good English like you regardless of one being born in an English country.About 38% of Americans can’t speak nor write good English.not even the communist liberal supporters can explain this one away . Liberal party is the most corrupt political party this side of Mexico. Allison Murphy. Because pelosi shaved down more than half of it for us and demanded we give a lot of cash to illegals, and pay for the sad condition of Dem cities. Theyve been granted money for those cities all along – where is it, Einstein?! Don’t sit this one out America, the Marxists are forever vigilant – they’ll vote twice, three times – whatever it takes! Their pinko, grubby hands are just like their false mouths, always busy sowing deceit among our fellow countrymen. Yes, they will do whatever lowly deed it takes to pinch an election, towards their ill favor – rob – steal – cheat – you know their usual bag of nasty tricks, their always up to! Why, they would even sell their poor mothers, which birthed them for a half a rotten apple, or their very souls to the devil himself, if he didn’t already own it lock-stock-and-barrel, to sway the true outcome of this most vital of elections! So, just don’t sit idly on your hands America, and let our Great Constitutional Republic split for their many rank treasons! Vote Trump/Pence 2020!!!

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