hey uncle joe, tell us the story about seal team six.. Today is National Fossil Day. Its purpose is to raise awareness of Joe Biden.. On this day, 10/14/2020, I voted for Biden and every Democrat on the Ballot!. Digital tool kit???? Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster Everything a guy with dementia would ever need to get thru life.. Looks like your turn for an investigation.. hopefully it wont last 3 years but you never know…..enjoy Pause GIF Tenor. Are you running for the Senate or the Presidency? I am confused? You have said this a few times now. You said my healthcare would go down 2500 a year and when ACA was made law, it went up 4 times that and my deductible is 8 times higher.. Joes down 2 days this week. That town hall may finish the old boy off.. No stimulus says Scrooge Nancy.. with Joe, Americans won’t have jobs to earn a living, with Joe’ stock market will crash down strongly, with Joe, chaina is the owner of the USA

Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A3

sleep joe and the democrats could care less about sinors .. in pa tom wolf governor put the sick elders that had the virus in to nursing homes and killed minors ……. he is to be in court this is a example. Maybe your team could come up with some videos and graphics to help you remember youre running for president and not the senate, and help you speak coherently!? . Been definitely encouraging people to get out and vote…. just not for you… I do however wish you a lot of luck in your Senate run!. Please let us know how we should respond to our conservative friends who ask us about the #HunterBiden story, especially when they say you lied about not helping him in the Ukraine. It’s great that Facebook and Twitter are trying to stamp the story out… . Let’s get started with The Green New Deal. We will need to raise gas to at least $6.00 a gallon to get rid of fracking. We can go ahead and hook up with Chins and the U N, to continue to goal of global government. Let’s get started. Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A2

Aren’t you running for the senate?. Voted by mail three days ago, just got an email saying it was received. All for blue and one for you Joe. When are you going to be discussing the e-mails and video released from Hunters computer?. Your Vote is MATTERS!!!!!
If climate change is matters, Vote!!. I believe God would use you to solve every problems that might being confronting the nation of U.S when you are elected as president of United States.. So, even in death you are my candidate and I will continue to roar for you and let people know that … . Mr Joe Biden 2020 all the way. We need a responsible leader like you to handle the affairs of the US.. Your campaign is simply to get Kamala to be president. You sir, are not in the running due to your pronounced memory issues. It saddens me that you are being used as a pawn.

Otter bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A1

I mailed my ballot yesterday. Double, triple, and quadruple checked to make sure I was on the Biden line.. You are already a president in spirit. Just wait for it physically Mr Joe. My faith kept whispering that to me till now. Get ready to lead your country Mr President. All is well. Joes an intelligent individual and the best to lead this country. The current administration is unethical, cannot speak intelligently, incites violence and lies all the time . Just think about it just think about it just think about it.. Maybe you have no clue what is going on around you.. You got my vote in Texas today! Go Joe!. My is Mahamed abdulhi jama iLife in Somalia todayi request for me Mr joe biden supply me because idont have better life me and my family he supply come in America time he win President of America I wish you are President united states of America

Thank You To All The Veterans. We honor your sacrifices ! I miss a decent ,caring President ,glad well have another one soon . I feel very proud of our new commander in chief who will protect us from all enemies at home and abroad ! #BidenHarris
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Tenor. Veterans, thank you for your service, bravery, hard work and sacrifices you’ve made for our country! Salute! . You will be a great Commander-In-Chief who will bring honor and dignity to all who have served. As a Navy veterans mother, I am delighted you have been chosen to lead.. Truly an honor to sit behind you at St Ann’s Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington DE many years ago when you were a Senator!!. because of you joe, i am no longer scared for my own safety in this country, or my family’s safety. i have never felt this happy and free in so long! you are MY president!!!!! god bless you a million times. i’m so excited to see you in office soon.

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