Perú is now facing one of the biggest crisis in its history. Dictatorship has come back, corruption has taken over my country. We raise our voice but its not being heard. TV programs are not covering the massive protests in our country. Police is atta… . We love his illustrations!. Nice. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10164409722980634&id=649195633. Dream job. Play GIF. Hopefully he can sketch him a girlfriend one day. They look beautiful.. Wow, you have posted this 3 times this week. He doesn’t want it to end in tears!!. I draw too, check out my portraits https://www.instagram.com/p/CHfvZ5fD7Pa/ Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster INSTAGRAM Process Where is Abdul Majeed Tebboune? ️ Where is the Algerian president?. Trump won the election, the information from the US is being managed like China

Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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I know of people who spend way more on petrol and diesel cars than an electric would cost and they rarely do long journeys. It’s time to reduce on street pollution for our children.. I’m not ready to buy an EV until they are sensibly priced, have a better range and I have confidence in the charging infrastructure. That is some way off yet.. Peter Hegney. It will be another addition to Petrol, Diesel and LPG, we will end up having to pay more at the . Get ready for people tripping over the countless wires strewn across pavements outside their houses and sueing the government… it will also be interesting to see what they do for people like us who dont have parking spaces near their house. It’s a joke , seen the price of an electric car it’s robbery. Graham Cox. Mehdi Hasnain Jafri. I just purchased a new car and went to have a look at the fully electric. They are extortionate! If they want us to switch they need to be affordable Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Octopus bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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What about the extensive use of electricity doesn’t that compete in a bad way also with fuel in cars . Shouldn’t we be looking at hydrogen cars which can utilise the existing infrastructure instead of buying into the electric car only which need an infrastructure building to charge them using power from the existing power systems. Not forgetting the nee… . Fiancé and I were just talking about getting an EV when we move back to UK. One of our considerations is the ability to take long road trips between major cities to visit families. How are the infrastructure supporting this? Do you have pit stops acros… See More. The cheapest ev is £29000 my A2 which cost me £300 £30 tax 55mpg around town and 70 on the motorway is affordable, we need to change the way we commute not driving to the shops 100 feet away for a pack of crisps in ya 4×4 v8 ffs

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Will screwfix have enough extension leads to allow folks to plug in when they are parked on the streets?. The infrastructure isn’t there. How are people with on road parking going to be able to charge their vehicles? Especially when you can’t always park outside your house. Impossible to be ready with the infrastructure required in only 10 years. And what about motorbikes, lorries, busses, trains, boats and planes?. Steve Shedden
Lithium which is used in batteries is a rare metal and there will never be enough to supply all these millions of cars!. I wonder what Tax will be introduced on electricity used to charge cars? They already register who has chargers on Grant data.. How green are electric cars at the moment? Not very so it seems. No, electric cars they are not zero emissions vehicles. We have seen that although they do not emit CO2 while being driven, they might do it in 3 other stages: during manufacturing, energ…

So , did he stay home and isolate ,or operate as privileged and carry on as usual ?. Theyre not reliable. I had a test in September and the result came back as inconclusive”.. Same happened to me here in Japan about 3 months ago. Interesting results to the tests. I had a negative test that the research project I’m part of didn’t believe. I was retested 3 days later to a positive test! I wonder how many times this happens!. presumed positive until proven negative, better be safe than sorry 4 tests done 2+ 2-. Same nurse same day. Likely has a moderate case. Riiiiiiiight.. It’s like Tesla testers: two times autopilot is able to brake, two times not. Waiting for the people on this feed that like to protect the fakedemic . Seems to me they almost want and need this in their life’s . So these rapid tests are a bit all over the place then, I’ve not heard that much about the rapid ones other than they seem rather useless bit like pregnancy tests that give early results

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