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Remember the movie you were in Enough….well Enough. Just stop it!! Geez close your legs! What’s the need for that! If not for yourself then act like a lady for your kids!!! Your already famous no need to spread your legs !!!. Jennifer i am a very big fan you from New Delhi India. I have made a Tattoo of your name as well. I have a small request to make and that is please tweet something for Indian Farmers, your tweet will give massive support to the Farmers as you are a glo… See more. Nice to c you breezin out the duneez j. You’re so oldest gl you now what jeni you are backward biche. Always Beautiful she does relate to the average person or angel what have you. You are more than open legs. She’s beautiful indeed but actually I have a problem with ladies who dress and pose to seduce Lineman Laundry Basket

Lineman Laundry Basket

Am trying to understand how you stay beautiful at your age still. Will tell any girl I date to consult you lol. How is this even fair to still look like this? Tell the people your secret lol. #amazing. I need me a JLo in 2021 . She really is thriving. . Slay queen . jlo is honestly L I V I N G while we’re in slippers and sweats. Not everyone can wear high heels. Take it down a notch. Here come the shoulder pads again! I remember having drawers full in the 80’s!. Gymnasiums workouts capabilities functionality ~ Summer approach within few months. Ikr well said j lo yes bring on the warm weather goodbye long pance and shoes hello shorts and flip flops and dresses . Seriously, can I borrow your genes for just a bit??. You look fabulous!. I love those shoe store since they selling JLO Lineman Laundry Basket

Lineman Laundry Basket

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