Times have changed. Nobody gives a dam about protocol. Therein lies the problem.. Defund Fake news BCC. Bush v. Gore, case in which, on December 12, 2000, the Supreme Court of the United States reversed a Florida Supreme Court request for a selective manual recount of that state’s U.S. presidential election ballots. The 5–4 decisio… . With dignity, something Chump simply doesnt possess.. Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), was a decision of the United States Supreme Court on December 12, 2000, that settled a recount dispute in Florida’s 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore.. I’m looking forward to seeing the secret services carrying the spoilt orange turnip out of the White House kicking and screaming – he is making the US look like a Banana republic. When Presidents of the USA were presidential.. Yes, well that’s the difference between dealing with grown-ups and trying to deal with a petulant, spoilt child. Just a girl who loves dogs and horses poster

Just a girl who loves dogs and horses

Just a girl who loves dogs and horses poster - A4

Trump the gas lighter has his followers believing that he actually has a case.. More BBC “education “ that I don’t need.. Of course non of them were fools pandering to an enormous ego. Though some were misguided. John Harris. Grace, dignity, respect then the biggest, whiniest, orangest, sorest losah evah. Start up the cartoon music or the harmonica from the Jurassic Park ad after the failed Tulsa rally – it was brilliant. You know, the one that killed Herman Cain?. John F Kennedy didn’t get a second term.. Trump wants the states he lodt, several tomrs, to send only republican electors to the electoral college and toss out any votes he didnt get… Trump wont go quietly? He isn’t going at all. If you divert from the mainstream cover up and actually look at some neutral information you will see he has a very strong case to overturn the election. Just a girl who loves dogs and horses poster

Just a girl who loves dogs and horses

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Untill every country called China on this virus this world will remain close till countries starts speaking up. I keep watching . I see Sturgeons doing a good job.. I thought that they were doing better than the rest of the U.K.,seems not.. Lots of 77th brigade on here I see. Wee Nippy will be rubbing her hands with glee!. London-based media know so little about Scotland that they don’t have the confidence to question or interrupt. So SNP get a free ride.. Prepare to defy would be more accurate . Corona is fact but the problem they created just because of US election now they found the vaccine I am sorry for all people are suffering in this world just because of politics.. I believe these rules were established to curtail the virus. Basically half the country on lockdown for nothing. We should be protecting the elderly and vulnerable. It seems more elderly people are dying. We have one hospital for West Lothian and staff are off sick but yet don’t get regular tests and not enough …

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Trump is a big baby. Why would we of expected anything other than this big tantrum. . as this is not observed in USA, we can assume democracy is in jeopardy there. All the others were proper Presidents. Decent human being unlike Trump who is a gangster with out morals.. Because they were all adults, unlike the current toddler in the White House!. #bbcnews when you decide to put out the real news trump is going know where.. When Bismarck left office in 1889 ,He was succeeded by a political amateur Wihelm Kaiser the second. Trump has been a disgrace to his party if they had any sense they should be helping to get rid of him he sure not helping . At least Dick Turpin wore a mask!!. Its called being a responsible president but I don’t think trump will ever understand that, after all its not about him but unfortunately he doesn’t think that way.

Now, under reporting of deaths due to COVID-19 infection has become a matter of pride for most of the countries. This is a political game played by them on the corpses of people.. The only way to get an accurate picture is to look at excess deaths for the whole year compared to other years.. You didnt think that India! with the worlds second largest population, and the most poverty stricken residents were less infected than the uk. Even at the beginning anyone who dies here are having covid, don’t know whether they are over reporting or there is a scam going on because hospitals get a certain amount for funeral & other expenses from the government. Maybe we will know the exact tr… . The Elite is waiting for 4 Million death before serious vaccine is released. The earlier countries intentionally add more death count the better for all of us…

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