Linda Shawler Garrison. Susan Surane Melcher. Happy Birthday saw you on fox with Wallace your were awesome. Thank all of yall for standing up for the people!. Happy birthday and yes she should be on the debate more often. You were great. Happy Birthday precious lady. We love you and your beautiful family and I pray for your safety and that God will hold each of you in His loving arm. Happy Birthday! All the Trump ladies are so gorgeous.. Happy birthday Lara and God bless you heaps from Queensland the Sunshine State of Australia!. Happy Birthday wishes to Lara! We met her at an event in 2016 and she was so gracious to me and my daughter!. Happy birthday Beautiful lady! Such a great family! So glad to be a veteran in a country lead by a man that gives all that he has to try to make things right!!!! Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater- pic 1

Happy Birthday Sista! Keep your faith and chin up we are winning this election!. Happy Birthday Lara! Thank you for all that you do to make this country great.. Whoops. And happy birthday to Laura and thank you for your hard work as well.. Happy Birthday, and thank you for your dedication to the American lower, middle and upper class! These workers are America! Have a great day!. Happy Birthday, Laura!! So proud of you for the way you took care of Chris Wallace, Sunday! Thank you for all you do for us!. Happy birthday Laura! I would make you a black forest cherry cake if you werent so far away. You all look beautiful greetings from Minnesota.. A beautiful family! Thank you all for what you are doing for us and our country!. From Tampa we wish you the best , be safe, and most of all have a great Happy birthday. Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater

Hot rod 3d christmas sweater- pic 2

Happy Birthday . I saw your brother this morning in Menomonee Falls, WI. Eric Trump did a fantastic job and he mentioned it was his wifes Birthday.. Beautiful family. This family is a credit to each other. GodBless and protect them.. Happy Birthday Lara! I really enjoyed seeing/hearing you speak at the Women For Trump rally in Summerfield, North Carolina.. Pst Rhoda E Awiliki
Happy birthday to one of the best daughter’s inlaw, any family could ever wish to have!. Penny Morrison. Grazia Gallo. Robert Volk. Sally Barlow. I love seeing the family pictures and thank you so much for your sacrifice for our country. You Ivanka are making a huge difference. I pray for all of you and the rest of the Administration.. Happy Birthday Lara celebrate your spectacular Birthday too the fullest have fun be safe! Stonewall Louisiana Desoto parish! Proud to VOTE for PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP again!

I know the president is so proud of you and so are we, keep up the good work.. Arizona is in the lead!!!. Ready to see u on the ticket in 2024
Your dad has been great for our country only can imagine how awesome u could do.. So blessed to be at the event this evening in Paradise Valley. My daughter and I appreciated hearing you speak. May God bless you and your entire family. . Here in Texas we love President Trump. Yesterday in College Station Texas we had a Trump parade and had over 3000 people supporting our President. It was wonderful!. This entire family is such a class act and work tirelessly for you, me and this Amazing Country. Let’s please keep this Country thriving under our American Constitution. The Left bring on so much unwanted Drama
TRUMP 2020. You are so full of yourself. Just like your daddy.

Thank you, Ivanka! It was a pleasure hearing you speak in Arizona tonight!. Our next Woman President 2024. I hope that you will one day be our first female president!. Your a wonderful daughter,,,, hopefully 4 more years . You and your family are doing a terrific job! Keep up the good job and keep the faith!. Bernadette Brown. Kathy Kringstad. Thank you Ivanka for your Hard Work in Supporting the most Powerful Man Donald J Trump and Vice President Pence! Keeping the White House another 4 years and BEYOND!!. Your beautiful and fantastic First Lady Donald Trump knows how to pick them you are a class act thank you. Bob H. She’s does so much for our country and gets no recognition.. Thank you Ivanka for all things you have done for the Americans people ! We love you!. Bernadette Brown
Full and available to life, as the best opportunity. For now, and the future to view whole lives as developmental. The vision is present, for communities to return to the value of family as fundamental.

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