Thank the Michigan and Georgia Republicans for refusing to perpetuate this criminal attempt at a coup. They put decency and the country first. They restored a lot of credibility in the hope that they would the right thing!! Good on them!!! It’s a clear… . No, he cannot. Not without EC electors from multiple states disenfranchising the votes of millions of Americans. What he’s trying to do is criminal and amounts to an attempted coup in plain sight – stepping into the coercion phase now that the baseless… See More. He is interfering in a legal election. He is bullying and coercing people. He shouldnt legally or ethically be able to use his position as president. There should be a gag order to prevent this.. Dear everyone Please stop enabling his delusions for clickbait. It’s irresponsible and endangers our democracy for revenue. He lost by every metric. I realize you need to make money but some of us will have to live with the repercussions of his mega… See More Guinea pig knowledge poster

Guinea pig knowledge poster

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Rich Jacabs Guinea pig knowledge poster Let’s hope that the people who voted for him because he is a ‘Republican’ now realise that the man is a corrupt and manipulative narcissist. DRAIN THE SWAMP!. As he is thwarted in following legal and political strategies, the danger becomes the instigation of a war massive enough to constitute an existential emergency. That was Hitler’s endgame, to subject his country to gotterdammerung because he felt the … . Soon as he is out, people are going to start to realize just how much damage he has caused to Americans and others. He will also be busy with all the court cases filed and lined up once he is out of office. He is corrupt. If he can, our country has been lost, and the great experiment has failed. He lost the election. No amount of lawyers can unmask that truth. Numbers dont lie even when liars play with them. He needs to leave.

Guinea pig knowledge poster

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Isolating. If he tested positive, he would be isolating. If he was a close contact without a positive test, it would be quarantining.. Is there a test for Uselessness? Imagine the most useless thing ever, say Human Waste, then compare it to Trump.and assholciates. Even human waste is more useful than this guy. It’s hard to have sympathy for someone’s troubles caused by their own arrogance.. Who cares! This government’s anti-science, anti-mask policy is sending record number of people to hospitals.. The guy really can’t be held responsible for his clown of a father, wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully not a 3 day miracle like his father’s fake infection.. I never wish bad things on anyone, but perhaps he will get so sick and close to death, so he can see the pain and suffering caused by the recklessness of him and his father and liars. I doubt they will learn anything for all The Trumps ignorance is bli…

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no, but he sure has screwed our democracy, needs to pay for it when no longer in office.. James Stearns. No chance, and he knows it. Hes dragging it out as long as possible in order to keep milking his supporters for cash to pay his bills.. Steve Jessop. If he does, then that TRULY will be stealing the election, because he doesn’t care about our voices through our votes..he only cares about himself…..and I am thinking only cares about himself not being prosecuted for fraud and corruption with his … . If he does then it is making a mockery of the US election system who the hell does he think he is. Well if people weren’t convinced before what an evil corrupt man he is, then surely there can be no doubt now. Obviously Democracy means nothing to this man.. Corruption knows no limit. It plays by no rules. The corrupted feel they are above all laws. As they gain power, those beneath them sink further in their eyes. Becoming tools and game pieces. A corrupted individual must deny love and empathy as wea… See More

He would need more than the 15000 votes they found so far. At this point its just seeing how broken and corrupt the system is thats important. Dominion needs to be held accountable.. It is possible if Trump subverts the election to retain the Presidency the military could then overthrow Trump and the US could then be under military rule. I know this sounds insane, but Brazil was under military rule not that long ago.. The only thing Trump believes in is himself. He needs to act like a man of principal and concede that the people of America no longer want him in power.. I believe he can, he has no respect for the constitution or the law. He can if he truly believes. No he cant turn God’s will because God’s will is for Biden to Rule for this period so that God’s prophecy can be fulfilled so Trump no matter what he does he will not overturn these election results.What can man do when God has already decided the onl…

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