BBC News Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Labrador Retriever Yellow Dazzling, infamous, extraordinary, genius, outrageous. bbc.in/3fz1LR3 BBC.CO.UK Maradona obituary – Maradona: Flawed football genius Maradona obituary – Maradona: Flawed football genius. A legendary football player with such a tormented private life. Rest in peace, Diego Armando Maradona, you will never be forgotten.. A legend, a genius in the field. As a man, he made so many mistakes in life as any other one. Well keep that image of the World cup Mexico 86. Rest in peace Diego champion.. Wow, such hateful comments on here, so sad to see it. Anyone take the time to watch the film about his journey from his rise to his downfall? Would recommend before making such awful judgements. The man has died, it was football ffs, he’s paid the ulti… . A true legend, the greatest of all. Rest in peace.. Martin Arenas. Oh dear what a sadly news it is! World foot ball lovers has lost one of the the great foot ballers. Diego may your soul rest in peace.

Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Labrador Retriever Yellow

Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Labrador Retriever Yellow - pic 1

And half the continent is just going to disregard anything intended to protect people anyways. especially French people. Covid Christmas is gonna look more like Halloween. Finland intends to declare a state of war.. Owoooow!!!! Bars & nightclubs they just come across of what Islam was swap out since over 1442 years ago.. Of course we can go without drinking in pubs. We have not been in a pub just for a drink since 16/3. Had meals in a pub on holiday, and they were being very careful.. but Austrian tourism officials believe they can offer safe holidays” Sure, because that worked out so great the last time. . Total scam. Were been fed lies and people believing them. People need to take back control. Live your lives normally but take certain precautions. Enjoy Christmas and new year with families and friends safely. We are adults not idiots. It’s time … Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Labrador Retriever Yellow

Graphic Hoodies Sweatshirts Animals Dogs Labrador Retriever Yellow

If this really were a dangerous second wave, there would be no loosening of restrictions in the slightest. Rates were already dropping before the lockdown.. You should stay at home – except for essential reasons such as work or healthcare – and not socialise with friends indoors or in private gardens.”. This is the worlds like Covid the hoax 99.99 Survival rate the seasonal flu is worse remember 490,000 people die from cigarettes each year but no one wears a mask the mask is part of the New World order for your cooperation the more you cooperate with … . Angela Garcia
I remember not to long ago we were supposed to see our Dr when we were feeling sick in order to allow medical professionals get on with the real infirm. Now we are asked to see our Dr even though we are fine . Am I right in thinking that no matter which tier your area is in, the Christmas rules are the same for everyone?

He will meet his god and have to explain why he used gods name in vain !. If ever was a god of football it was Diego Armando Maradona. RIP legend.. He was amazing! They will always love him in Naples.. Ejaz Moghal. With all his flaws and controversy, he was one of the most brilliant and elegant players to have ever played the game. Such a loss for the sport.. He has been my Hero for my football life and remember his activity in FIFA Word Youth Japan in 1979 when he was young age and I had the biggest impression for two players, Maradona and Ramón Ángel Díaz.. Diego Maradona, may your sole Rest in peace. Football legendary… Unfortunately would not call the greatest of all time, perhaps people will disagree. Could think of many more.. Rest in peace great athlete and performer. You gave us joy with your plays and championships. Fair winds.

Get up of your knees and do what you pleases. It is a dream come true! A Christmas-free world. Not entirely but love it anyway!. The undertakers should start hiring more staff right after NewYear. In hard time we still have fun. In 1915, British and German soldiers got out of their opposing trenches sang carols, swopped gifts and played football on Christmas day. What a craven nation they have become ,cowering at edicts dreamed up by politicians grandiose lust for control and… . Jonathan Harmer. The government must pay everyone £6,000 for ruining Christmas.. Unfortunate, but it does save lives.. Last I heard Santa is touching up the paint on his sleigh and he is on his way …. Remember: The only way to safely gather with your families at Xmas is to do it at a Black Lives Matter or XR protest.. So who is Covid-19 killing?

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