That was a way closer race yet people were much more civilized. Gore could have made it a lot worse but didnt want to put the American citizens through any more. Ahh, the good ol days.. The difference is CORRUPTION AND DIGNITY!. This is not even close to the same situation as 2000. That was a very close vote in Florida. This is a lunatic who doesn’t want to concede.. No comparison. 2020 is a done deal in too many key swing states. Supreme Court has nothing to look at here. DONE DEAL!. 2000 was the year that the US Supreme Court hijacked an election!!!. Had Bush’s brother not been Governor and the count had been continued Bush possibly wouldn’t have been appointed President. It’s good to have a brother as Governor.. Not the same situation here for the 2020 election. Yes, Courts had to get involved with that one, but its doesn’t apply to this one Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

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Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A4

To all the non Australians or Kiwis who have something negative to say about how we have handled the virus. Have a look at the number of deaths we have suffered. Now go and have a look at the numbers for your countries and then go away. You got noth… . Yeah 17 casesbetter to shut down the whole world…!!!. Maybe the virus is being released more often than once. Im sure it wasnt just a one off. Just seems odd it got around the world so quickly. Its just a matter of time before everyone has it. But in all honesty. If it is chemical warfare… would you on… See More. Border open is alway a problem to allow covid to generate more critical livelihood due to high disease transmission endlessly. So this corona virus isn’t over yet . America is doing well with the herd approach, not! Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A3

What is it with the toilet paper? I really just dont get why at the slightest wiff of lockdown, all the bog rolls dissappear.. Dunder Mifflin just needs to branch out and sell these other paper based products. Kyle Michael. Nadia Khali. So nothing to do with all the plastic being replaced with paper then?. Hope they planting more trees to replace all the ones they chopping down!!. Shortage of paper towel in BCand no marmite to be found. How does paper help fight communism?. Can someone please explain why we need/use more toilet paper. Unless everyone is shitting themselves.. Shame people do not go back to writing to each other , so much less chirping and crying about f all.. This is very funny toilet paper helping to fight the virus lol . But global warming and all that jazz… Well, at least someone did not suffer from the virus

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A2

Best medicine to protect from corona
is to stay far from CCP china and to ask forgiveness from God for not to have taken right actions against . So, theres this thing called Hemp. You may have heard of it. It’s an innocent plant that has been around for thousands of years. Used to be used by people to make all kinds of things. Pretty useful stuff. Maybe try that?. So the price goes . Does the BBC Report on how Foreign Drug Gangs destroy our youth during the lockdowns; I didn’t think so. Just the usual weak as pi55 reporting from the BBC as usual!. Cutting down all the trees to make it . But surely then at the cost of the environment?. Why??!! Is the paper an antidote for the cure of Corona-Virus. Does matter how.but make more toilet papers for the next covid situation. I don’t want to run out again

Sophia Oliveira Ricci. this is exactly why each country need to stick to its own borders and sub borders within plane travel should be limited more so internationally with stringent measures and policy inplace. Jerry Kasai. Is it really that bad a thing compared to other viruses we’ve had to deal with over previous times?. One case got out of Hotel quarantine.. the UK should have used hotel quarantine – and stopped the airlines from making profits back in July. The one case then spread across the family, a large family. Thats how quickly it moves. The South Australia he…
2020 AFL Grand Final Half-Time Show – Sheppard. They have done much better than the whole of the UK. Sharon Lorenzo McCleary. Should have stopped all flightsfor for airlines x. If you don’t test milion of peole at the same time, or, at least, in few days, this will always happen, no matter how many times a lockdown will be enforced.

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