Thank you for the invitation , Im staying home this holiday hopefully next year we can celebrate together . Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster I do wish you a good day , stay safe ….love you ! That simple . Idk, maybe pointing out the fact the US has the highest infection rates during a once in a lifetime pandemic should be sufficient enough. Don’t even think of skipping Thanksgiving, do a virtual family event instead. Have fun.. Easy, just say that we are isolating this year so that everyone is still here to enjoy Thanksgiving in 2021.. How are so many people catching these droplets so fast , they would have to deliberately caugh and sneeze on each other…. really?. never mind that, think long and hard about the person who invites you to a large gathering during a pandemic, the eff is wrong with them. Plain no thanks. I want to be safe and I want the same for you.

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster- A4

Or thanks but we’re going to stay home this year. It’s not that complicated and there is no need for dramatics Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster Play GIF. So sad that it has come to this. Better safe than sorry. Nah Im good thanks, we’re having a quiet one at home this year”. We are staying away this year because we love you.. I’m pretty sure they’d be ok with you not going.. Grow up and just say no. Play GIF. This reminds me of the DARE use of “Just Say No”! Slogan.. Sorry, we won’t be able to join you – hopefuuly next year the epidemic will be a thing of the past!. Given the situation which is self evident I find it hard to believe any one would have hard feelings over declining an invitation.. CNNazi’s at best. Soon you’ll encourage the discrimination of white people.. “No thanks. There’s Rona outside and I’d rather not die.”

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster- A3

Just say, “sorry I don’t wanted to get infected with the Trumpvirus”. “Uh no dude. I’m ordering takeout. Be safe.”. How to decline? Is that a thing? What happened to no”?. Well I dont intend on missing a family Thanksgiving at the end of this year cause it’s going to be the only chance I get to see my family once this year Don’t plan on rejecting.. I was really looking forward to seeing the first Ladies doc tonight right now. It’s listed on my tv but it’s not playing! What happened???. There is something seriously wrong with you if you need CNN to tell you how to decline an invitation.. There are many ways to communicate. Write a letter again. Call your. If you don’t know what’s going on by now. You’ve got a problem and should be institutionalised. You guys tried saying “no” before doing an extensive article on it?

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster- A2

In . First off dont. Second, definitely stop taking advice from cnn. Happy Thanksgiving. Celebrate how you want and be thankful.. How? Well just say I ain’t coming cos of covid lol it that simple. “sorry just tested positive yesterday”. How about our family will do what we want because we have the right to choose. Unless your saying we no longer have rights? However we will be having thanksgiving, nothing you can do about it !. Put family ahead of fear and go. They might not be there next year.. We will be acting normally, interacting with whomever we want when and where we want. No new normal. No great reset. Keep your new world order.. I would like some advice on how to put on your shoes, please….. My house, my rules.. Whoever skips Thanksgiving because CNN wants you to is a sheep! . Thanksgiving is gonna be fun this year 100 plus guests. Lots of Turkey. One of the best american holidays. Oh n football on the big screen.

I dont think anybody in the world has a bigger ego or is into self promotion more than Barrack Obama. Why does he use fancy political words that have no value? After four years of Trump, I’m used to real talk. I couldn’t go back to the nonsensical political talk of the globalist flunkies for anything. Step aside Obama-Liar, we have no use for your manipulation.. And you mr. X president! All I hear is you did nothing to improve the life of the American people so I would be very quiet if I was you!. Judy Olivier. So much division biggest one is Trump.. I love how people call Trump a liar, Wake up numb nuts, All politicians are liars. Hence why there is a growing number of conspiracy theorists…. because no one with at least half a brain cell believes a word that comes out of any of their mouths a…

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