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Beautiful can’t wait to see the movie. It must be so fun to model all the best dresses.. Exquisitely crafted and a magnificent style, and the magic of elegance for whom ever wears it!. Yes, you’re the real QUEEN! Bella. Does anyone in these comments realize that this is for a movie called shotgun wedding and she’s on first day of production. This is not her wedding in real life. . Rafael Paulino. Stunning dress, made just for you. You’re the Queen all you do is big and beautiful and so well done, we love you JLo!!!!!. Just wish you the best in this marriage and hope you have a wonderful day in your wedding wish you the best en your marriage with so many years of happiness and joys may god bless you with so many years in life love the movie selina. I can’t see the front but the back of the dress is a dream! Beautiful dress, classic. Dog paw floral vintage laundry basket

Dog paw floral vintage laundry basket

Congrats. Beautiful pictures. Loving memories for you both. I have a 14 yr granddaughter who I love so much. We had pictures taken at Christmas just like these. Cherish every minute you have with them. They will be gone before you know it. . Happy Birthday Coconuts! My grandson just turned 13!. A total “13 year old” pic! Classic! Beautiful children but of course . It’s crazy how fast they grow up. It’s amazing how much they look like both you & Marc, I love this! I also have twins and they are such a blessing! . Happy birthday beautiful day from Romania!. Today, you will be 13 years old EMME & MAX, soon you will be turning 18 and then 20! And, thinking about it, the only things I have to tell you are: be happy and enjoy every second of your life, because each phase is unique and in each season you will… See more Dog paw floral vintage laundry basket

Dog paw floral vintage laundry basket

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