Justice has been served and thank you to India Oxenburg for telling your story!. So glad Catherine Oxenbergs daughter smartened up and got out. Enjoyed watching the documentary and them taking him down!!. This is a prime example of a person who I think was gifted with a brilliant mind and ability of persuasion. Who then used it as manipulation for his own sexual gratification. As well as assembling people to surround him who he gave full responsibility … . Tammy Stoddard. Good. Throw away the key.. end of his sick story.. not enough!!!!!!!!. Maybe hell wake up deceased in his cell too . Couldn’t happen to a better POS. Brittney Johnson. The lack of lips to kiss will take big toll on his mental health Ryan Kennedy. I wonder if they play Volleyball in prison?. D.c. Denise Owens Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster He’s 60 years old!!. Aaron Mcmail mind the lassie from smallville, this was her “master”

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A4

taken out of context once again People what a joke you have become!!. This reaction from libloons is EXACTLY why we stay divided.. His father is dead and was a convicted white collar crime felon” he, Kushner also looks like Damien Omen… dont trust this cat. Who does he think he is? Now he knows what’s best for “Black People?” His LAP DOG is “Kanye West”… A known “alleg… . Casual racism? I’m sorry, but, no; Kushner’s statements were in-your-face, blatant, full-on, entitled, white power, RACISM. Disgusting, but, we expect nothing less from that family.. Trump’s son-in-law, the Golem, performed as expected. Could we expect anything less?. Some people of EVERY color don’t want to do what is necessary to be successful.. Shanglit Barot. Says the boy who’s daddy bought his entry to Harvard. Best success money can buy, right?. Facts over feelings please…this is why no one trusts the media… Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A3

This entitled prick has never had to work for anything in his life.. This MEALY MOUTH BACK ALLEY GRIFTER is NOTHING but a glorified WELFARE RECIPIENT LIVING OFF MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS AS IS ALL OF THAT FAMILY OF MOOCHERS. I CANNOT WAIT TO BE RID OF ALL OF THEM.. I love how people spin words to make it wrong! . I mean, he’s a member of the Trump family and a member of the Trump administration (via hardcore nepotism).. Dawn Layson. That’s bad but where’s your story on Chelsea Handler?. Are we really surprised that something racist came out of his mouth, or anyone from that administration?. Jeralynn PaTrise. Looking like a mortisestion! The balls or should I say pebbles, he have, man never had to worry about nothing in in life!. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM! USING BLACK MEN, FOR THERE VOTE!. If the shoe fits..It’s a true statement but should be for every person not just black. Anyone can be successful if the want it.

Dachshund bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster- A2

Says the one totally unqualified for his privileged position because his daddy in law is president. It’s honestly. Every single one of us have to work for whatever we get in life! Sorry, that he was speaking to one group but doesn’t change the fact. How is him saying what he said (not the interpretation, but his actual words) any different than saying You can bring a horse to water, but you cant make them drink”?. There are a lot of successful men and women of color, and they got theirs on their own, and worked hard. Lazy folks who have no ambition, all end up in bad situations, it is not about color, it is about determination and working hard. There is no bia… . It’s a true statement!
Weather your Black or white, yellow or , pink.. If you think theres something wrong with the statement ” you have to want it” then you are exactly whats wrong with this fragile little country nowadays.

This is worse than white privilege”. This is Golden Spoon in the mouth, out of touch with reality privilege.. This traveling circus needs to get voted out next week. . But “youre not black if you don’t vote for Biden” – Joe Biden and Chelsea Handler. You have to put the work and effort into it. And, discipline yourself money wise.. He stated a fucking fact and he wasn’t just talking about black people. Too many people lazy as hell now a days and want a hand out instead of a hand up. I hope this little punk of a human being would just magically disappear!. Coming from someone that has never had to work a day in his life.. It is true though although not entirely their fault. They are constantly told they are victims by the liberals so they live as such. Wait a minute. I watched that video too. I didn’t hear that. I heard the democrat’s try to keep black people from being successful.

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