Maybe they should give it to Boris first He seems to be troubled by this deadly” virus. Thought there was a vaccine over a month ago when Trump had it… . Here comes the stampede of vaccine experts… ‘it’s not been tested’… ‘it’s a hoax’ …. after doing their own research on YouTube with the so called ‘doctor’ filming in his garage in texas . The effectiveness will be “effective” once the vaccine is working for people, in the meantime the effectiveness only works in wall street …… Wake up people..its nearly 2021 , you slept nearly a year due to all the crap that they are trying to feed us with . If it proves effective in the trials then I am getting it. I would rather have the injection and a few risks than get covid again!! Xx. Covid billionaires in waiting ,how much. Excellent news BUT With the average vaccine taking 10 years to market, I would like to know what shortcuts have been taken before even considering taking one. Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 1

The flu vaccine is only usually 60% effective and most people don’t mind having that !. Funny how all these drug companies releasing vaccine results at the same time maybe bump their share values up so they don’t miss out .. Great! Fantastic news!! Now to give it the politicians before the people, give it a few months see what side effects that develop . The beauty is, if you dont want to take a vaccine don’t.. Teona Stockreiter von Hoerdt. All of a sudden everyones got a vaccine???. I have had the flu jab for over twenty years and never caught it so hope its just as effective. Frankly if it gets me back gigging I’ll have one of each.. Came here to read the expert opinions of all the armchair virologists as this is where I source my information.. Can you really trust a drug company who is set to make billions and let’s face it most drugs have more side effects than the disease they are supposed to cure Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 2

Absolutely incredible news. Such a great win for humanity. Cant wait to have it and go socialise . Barbara Carol Seddon. Do I need a 5G booster and a note from Bill Gates to get a shot?. I will wait to see the adverse effects first ..thanks. 90 placebo, only 5 were given treatment. 95% protection..wow vaccine companies these days will say anything to drive the stock prices up before selling them for profit like Pfizer . There’s a lot negativity on sites people need to be positive. Everyone reacts differently to things I have Flu vacine every year and better for it, other may have different view. So Covid vaccine if if works then why not try it. We inject our kids wit… . Goodness what negativity there is here!! First bit of good news and a light at the end of the tunnel and people have still got to moan.if you don’t want it or are scared of needles and won’t admit it just don’t have it! All the more for the people w… See More

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 3

They have had since late Jan/early Feb to get this right and have delayed, prevaricated and just gave contracts to their mates & donors with no experience. This massively contributed to an unnecessary spread. This government are so culpable. So instead of all scientists pooling their resources ( on humanitarian grounds), its a race to become a billionaire . Michael Seaman. My mate John told me that all our turkeys this year are gonna be laced with this vaccine from Pfizer and that if we don’t eat turkey on Christmas Day we are going to jail. One of the new mega jails that’s opening in early 2021.. yeah…. two labs full of the wrong equipment that doesn’t come upto British Standards
bought from some muggers in Eastern Europe or Asia. Testing,then we will be surprised positive numbers have increased.. What percentage of the tax payers money will be a gift to carefully selected Consultants ??

Sue Verrall. that in a year and out of 325 million people, not many and 99% of those have got over it. What does having good guttering have to do with covid?. Corrupt! , especially Michigan, Whitmer jeez what a tyrant!. Too busy whining about the election and playing golf.. They would have done much better if someone had ducktaped the Presidential gob and got on with it months ago!. But but fauxchi. https://justthenews.com//newly-surfaced-video-july…
In newly surfaced July interview, Fauci warns that widely used COVID tests may pick up dead’ virus. There are many reports that Covid-19 infections have risen in many European countries. Is that also President Trumps fault? And what are the Governors of the states doing?. Because he doesn’t care!. So how many people in US is without the virus. Off piste but really fed up as Biden prog appear to have been hacked!!. Lesley Afua Ennin. He didn’t handle it in the first place! And now as a lame Duck President, well actually nothing has changed! He was a lame Duck, even as a pretentious President!

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