Very interesting and great entertaining but first, we need money. Hours cut. Some people need a job. We’re not out of this mega disaster caused by the negligence of this administration. Corgi fuck you i’m done 3d christmas sweater. Countless jobs lost, lives lost and still struggling to make ends meet. What are your priorities this fall and winter?FB has no right to limit the flow of free speech.

Corgi fuck you i’m done 3d christmas sweater

Corgi fuck you i'm done 3d christmas sweater- pic 1

Your company is being just like the dictators in the country of China. I hope that the government will split your company and twitter because of being a monopoly and do not treat everyone the same when it comes to free speech. Radicals on the left and Democrats get a free pass while your people censor conservative free speech. People that control companies like this are pathetic! I will do everything I can to get FB and Twitter split from being monopolies!For me i dont need this.. Thank you I can imagine where i wanna be with my own inside.. Corgi fuck you i’m done 3d christmas sweater. Human is a very speacial creature of GOD and if you want to be another form of creature you can be.. We the youths of Nigeria need your support.. We use Facebook and because of that we need to take our phones with us every where we go… The police now use that as a form of extortion, claiming we are into scam… We have been killed, we have been tortured.. But now enough is enough.. We have all come out to put an end to Sars.. And in one voice… We all say..Can’t imagine life 50 years from now. Real lifestyle is already overtaken by mobile phones. This will make reality more virtual. That is evident from its name. By the way our thumbs are happy. They will be dischared of all day duty.This is not really something humanity neeeds in this hard time.I would avoid promoting this unaffordable and useless products in this moment.Your immagine risk to be damaged inesorably.Here in Italy the public opinion is against Goggle,Amazon and so on who are enriching a lot during the Pandemia paying very few taxes in Italy.Let’s people to go back to reality,meetings when we can…no virtuallife please Life at the moment seens already fiction not real…Help us make our voice loud…the data we spend here is enough for you to adhere to this instruction Mr Mark! We no dey beg you ọ… We are instructing and reminding you on how to be human.

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