Your the rino yourself before the country treason you took the oath to protect the country and you dont. Yet another evil politician that uses Americans tax money for his own. We are so beyond tired of these politicians something needs to be done. We need to stand up and stop these tyrants.. The main problem seems to be that the wannbee Confederate republicans who hated Barrack so much they voted Camping besties christmas ornaments z in and now they cannot understand how Stacey and Kamala turned them into z Karma . It doesnt matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. Elections should be fair, honest, and accurate. That means: → Every legal vote should be counted.. Vietnamese people and Asians always support you as President 2020 – 2024 fighting, Mr. Trump, we always support you . Last president Park in Korea was framed to go to jail. Korean gov, and MSM there are so corrupted as here and current president Moon is underling of China. It is sad to hear these kind news as Korean American. I pray all my heart for president Trump …

Camping besties christmas ornaments

Camping besties christmas ornaments- pic 1

Wowmaybe would have been better situation if there was a Federal plan….you know….like you doing your job. Oh wait! You’ve been FIRED! How silly of me….. so Maryland paid 9.46 million in state funding for tests they did not use due to being fraudulent, that is right,I SAID FRAUDULENT, that word we seem to be hearing a lot of lately. WTG Maryland, so while you were scrounging around for jobs to feed you… . A federal judge has dismissed the Trump campaigns Pennsylvania lawsuit attempting to overturn the 2020 election, issuing a stinging opinion that blasts the president’s legal team for a filing a disjointed lawsuit that lacked a compelling legal argumen… See More. Our taxpayer money wasted when there were good American companies that could have provided these!. I think we tax payers in MD deserve a refund on those flawed test kits! Bet he won’t talk about this report during his next press conference. Camping besties christmas ornaments

Camping besties christmas ornaments

Drain the swamp
Expose them all . You know what Donnieat least hes trying to help his people. Unlike a certain person sitting in the White House moping.. Too bad of him. Of course he did! It is to inflate the number of positive cases to support his agenda. He is worthless! And I don’t believe that he didn’t use these flawed tests.. Quarantine the sick, Quarantine the vulnerable. Lockdown Larry! He claims to be a republican. What a joke he is here in Maryland.. There is so much evidence, they don’t even hide it anymore. Yet people still vote for them. It’s mind blowing!. Hogan is a democrat at heart!. In April there was almost no tests. That is your failure Mr. Trump. The tiny state of Maryland shouldn’t be responsible for that.. Conservatives here in the Peoples Republic Maryland totally agree with you, President Trump!. I believe a lot of these tests are tainted

If Trump didn’t play down the virus, the governor’s wouldn’t have spent money to buy their own stock ! But no, Trump is a narcissistic pig and he didn’t help at all ! It’s all on him ! The buck stop at Trump. Trump why are you so full of venom ? After you woefully lost the election, everyone has became your enemy.. Too bad, you re setting a bad example for your children Im from Maryland, Hogan is a pandering failure. He wasted a lot of tax payer money on those useless test kits. Shameful. Well at least he did something, he tried how could he know they were flawed. Rather try than sit back and lie to the people.. He may call himself conservative but he isn’t. He has not been a good governor for us here in Maryland.. Listen here, you pathetic, arrogant SOB: your “RINO co-worker” did more than you have ever done during the past couple of months!! All you’ve done is golf, and said “We have it under control”, “This will go away by Easter”, and “This is a Democratic ho…

Hope youre all packed to leave? Can’t stand another day of your idiocy beyond January. You wouldn’t be missed.. Look at the dozens of mistakes you have made Mr. Bozo. He was trying to do anything he could for his people, because you wouldn’t and didn’t. See a reputable doctor. Everyone knows you need it!. Win in the Supreme CourtDrain the swamp!. Thanks for the heads up on Hogan. We’ll vote him out next election.. Mr President thank you for the truth! You are our only hope for this country.. Please keep fighting for us!. In a memo written by an acting assistant attorney general, the Justice Department determined that “under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, the President cannot pardon himself.”. THE GOP AND REPUBLICANS ARE BECOMING SICK OF YOUR CHILDLIKE ANTICS BUNKERBOY.. Those tests were free and available under President Trump and his claim of those tests not happening soon enough is false. So Korea benefited from Hogan’s stunt to try and discredit the efficiency of President Trump. His constituents paid for his bad …

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