And trump cut all ties for travel from China. Why is it dumbocrat have such short memories. Oh yes like BidenWhat about the 200,000 people that died?! They won’t be able to have those jobs Trump created because of his blunders! Busch latte christmas sweater. Sad.Blunders? Biden is a walking blunder. The blunders were made by individual governors, particularly demoncrat run states. He shut down travel while they were busy impeaching him but its gonna backfire.

Busch latte christmas sweater

Busch latte christmas sweater - pic 1

Trump banned air travel into the United States somewhere around mid to late January Biden said it was xenophobic and it didn’t need to be done now who looks like the criminal.under the Obama/Biden administration, 60 million people got swine flu and they didn’t do anything. He has jokingly said “it’s a good thing it wasn’t as lethal.”CHANNEL,Jude…geez…you are buying the lies of the left. If you do your own research, outside of the MSM, you will find your proof of the accomplishments of the Trump administration and the crickets from the left. Blame Obama?? The reason Trump inherited the mess the left created was because of the corruption from the Obama administration. the left blames Trump for everything that happened in the past 40 years that does not slant toward socialism. Busch latte christmas sweater. YOU have done to prevent those 200,000 deaths? It is easy to blame someone else, but with blame, comes responsibility to.provide alternatives. Bet I wont get an answer to this question because most people are all talk and no action and spineless when it comes to life and death situations.you know when people use the covid deaths as a means to justify their point it shows a real lack of understanding. It clearly exposes how stupid you are or how ignorant you are.. Which one is it?Sigmund how about those democrats allowing the twin cities riots and protests, destroying the city. Trump offered and they refused. Democrats have been in power for 60 years and not a hell of a lot has improved here in Minneapolis.if those dems didn’t put Covid into nursing homes it would be a lot less. It has been noted dems padded the numbers to get federal money. By my account of it all looking in from the uk ,,,, you had 7 million affected ,6.8million got over it.with a population of 328 million you done extremely well. To only lose 200.000 when your death toll in the USA in 2018 was 2.8 million. As a brexiteer the uk needs trump for our new trade deal with USA. 

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