i know 5 times more deaths for violence than Corona Those numbers are weird…… Its because Trump is not wearing mask. Noise makers everywhere. I wonder how many of those deaths weren’t actually kung flu related.. First Vaccines need to be started there. Deaths “WITH” not from corona , big difference. Has anyone investigated the low infection rates in east Africa where yellow fewer jobs are mandatory a as nd hepatitis A/B a common …coincident?. Vaccines hold out hope and some are in production now.. It gives to US from china . If you don’t believe covid deaths are being inflated please read then decide https://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Builder-51-died-falling… Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Builder who died after falling from ladder was killed by Covid-19. I sure some idiots will blame borris for this. release the vaccine…why die before trying?. Shouldn’t that be Sombrero milestone.. Blame it on Trump..it will vanish away as soon as biden take over..man made virus to bring trump government down..

Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster

Ballet It's not over when you lose it's over when you quit poster - A4

Στέφ Ζαχάρ. Ratio population how does this compare to englandshire. Should have built a wall. all I can do is just post a sad emoji nothing elsestell’s u just how I’m feeling about this topic. #Azerbaijani POWs Musayev Amin and Karimov Bayram are still being held captives and tortured by #Armenian soldiers. They were seriously injured. Please take immediate actions towards this inhumanity ASAP. @CNN @BBCWorld @Reuters @UNHumanRights @RedCros… . No matter which country in the world, the longer the epidemic lasts, the greater the negative impact on the economy. Life has become more and more difficult from the disadvantaged areas and groups.. It feels like there’s no end to this shutdown of our world, no end to the nightmare. But here are some reasons for hope: https://bit.ly/FromFearToHope Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster FRANKSCOTTAGE.BLOG FROM FEAR TO HOPE AND PEACE. Can anyone tell me where this virus is and how you can catch it? i want to catch it but i can’t i have been licking my works toilet handles , touching every dirty surface , not wearing a mask , not social distancing , not using that shite you rub in yo… See More

Ballet It’s not over when you lose it’s over when you quit poster

Ballet It's not over when you lose it's over when you quit poster - A3

I have supported Boris since the start, but this one act of supporting a bully has changed my opinion over night there are others who could do her job effectively without bullying people, he has made a big mistake in not making his friend accountabl… . I believe that civil servants are poor value for money. They need to be told to do their job as they are holding the country back. Change is a dirty word along with statetus quo.. Mènu Virk. This is a stupid decision, she needs to go. unpleasant unacceptable decision abs on top of this she’s pretty useless as SoS apart from attracting bad publicity for the Govt.. Zero tolerance of bullying, sorry but she knew exactly what she was doing. This really needs to stop and she needs sacking!. Advised to treat staff with respect! Absolutely nobody should be in a position of power over anyone if they have to be “advised” to treat people with respect!

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advised to treat people with respect. Surely they shouldn’t need advising, basic common decency.. Laurie Armitt. If this woman cannot Manage people without shouting and swearing at them then her Management skills are poor and one has to ask how she got any job in Management. These Ministers would not last five minutes in Private Business. I think a lot of strong passionate women get seen as bullies, she has only been called this by people not doing their job or what they should have done I think its just men below her don’t like being told what to do and when to do it, remember they are… . too hot for snowflakes. I’ve experienced bullying at work, and manipulation elsewhere, and it is abhorrent. It seems to me that sounding off when wound up is not bullying – it is just bad management and manners. Most folks calling for PP to resign or b… See More

i wonder, is it all for sale?. Beg your pardon: forgot to knock!”. It always did enjoy a good squeeze.. For England, James? . Welltime to just rebuild it even better!. Carl, whats next?. GOLDEN EYE. Please I need someone to support me with anything, i have been unable to get a better job and i am unable to take care of my younger ones, ever since when I lost my dad everything has become worst, Pls help me some money so I can get some little foods… . Play GIF. Scarlett Fox. https://www.atpresentworld.com/…/right-wing-media-is…
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