Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler


Doesn’t matter what the polls say…the President has the right to choose…doesnt matter how close to election it is. Democrats think it isn’t fair…too bad. In 2016 they were so sure Hillary was going to win, so Obama didn’t move on over 100 judi… See More Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler Our existing POTUS and GOP Senate majority sadly don’t/won’t listen or care about the majority of American’s wishes. It has happened 29 times where a new justice was nominated in an election year. This is nothing new. This is just the Democrats pushing their anti-Trump agenda and last ditch effort for power. For people that are in politics they really don’t seem to u…

Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler

Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler- 20oz

It doesn’t matter what they think. The law is the law. The president picks, the senate confirms. Sorry about your luck lefty’s. Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler So you polled 7 democrats and 3 republicans wow that’s a good one Really CNN? The polls that everyone else sees says it should be filled immediately. We DID elect a President in November. He’s still the President until January and his job is to nominate a person for the Justice of the SCOTUS. I hate that this has even been made political. If the McConnell had brought Garland to a vote, I would be fine with trump doing the same. He set the precedent, though. Only four years ago Auburn tigers claw skinny tumbler Too bad! The president was elected and it is his constitutional obligation… Obama got his, trump will pick these. If the left doesn’t like it, then go win an election It’s trump’s job to fill the seat. stop your whining. the woman should have retired sooner if she was so concerned of him replacing her.

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