Another turkey gets the presidential pardon for Thanksgiving . We expected his last 2 months would be filled with pardoning his criminal friends. Good thing he wont be getting a pardon if he goes down for tax fraud.. The military should bust Flynn to the ranks and revoke his honourable discharge. Man with no shame continues to act shamelessly. Shocking.. You surely expect nothing even close to integrity from such a corrupt President. That’s really making America great but not in the eyes of the rest of the world who view that once great nation as a joke. Sad, very sad.. If this happened in a country in Africa, people would be quick to call it a typical banana Republic. Embarrassing.. Flynn’s son was threatened. That’s why he was railroaded into pleading guilty. He quickly recanted that plea. You people who only listen to BBC and other mainstream media need to watch REAL news outlets. Animals Dogs Dachshund When I Needed A Hand I Found Your Paw 3d Hoodie

Animals Dogs Dachshund When I Needed A Hand I Found Your Paw 3d Hoodie

Animals Dogs Dachshund When I Needed A Hand I Found Your Paw 3d Hoodie - pic 1

Could a Biden win save this town? Nobody else has.. Industries change, communities adapt. Or not.. Maybe Biden’s not as great as some people think he is.. This is poorly worded, BBC News. It should say, did these residents doom their town by not slowly changing with the industry?. It is up to the new guy to give them hope. New industry, new money and education. No where should rely on just one income.. Town isnt necessarily doomed but coal is …. No matter who’s president, coal’s days are numbered. This isn’t the 1800’s anymore. There are far cleaner ways to get energy nowadays.. Adapt, even Wales has moved on.. Towns where mining is slowing down or stopping needs investment in new jobs for the younger generation. The industry was decimated in the U.K. and many areas never recovered. Jeff Knaster. Am I suppose to be more worried about a town, than the planet? Animals Dogs Dachshund When I Needed A Hand I Found Your Paw 3d Hoodie

Animals Dogs Dachshund When I Needed A Hand I Found Your Paw 3d Hoodie

It doesnt matter if It is Biden or Trump. Cheap natural gas has meant end of coal. Nothing any politician could do will change to future of coal.. Arvind Solapurkar
Now the green energy is taking place ,of earlier fossil energy .The coal mining is really hazardous work ,. Maybe we will one day stop using the coal community as an electoral scapegoat? Nobody will save coal. Stop falling for it.. The town is only doomed if it tries to cling to fossil fuel. Change direction, join the twenty-first century and thrive by doing something better.. Facts need facing, fossil fuels will be the thing of the past.. Maybe it’s increasing global awareness, progress, and the over-reliance on a dying industry that’s really threatening this town not Biden?. Just as so many towns around the world where reliance on coal has been paramount, while we’ve moved on to alternative fuels sad but simply a reality….

Look at what happened to retailers when Amazon came along. Look at what happened to Blockbuster when Netflix came along. Adapt or deal with the consequences.. Its a coal town whose days have been numbered from its beginning. Though a 30 year lifespan is still a big 30.. Maybe the town needs to welcome the 21st century and reinvent itself.. Not sure he represents the majority of Native Americans + the coal industry is so polluting. What about the water mills? Blacksmiths who made wagon wheels? Did anyone even think of the whalers when they started drilling for oil?. The difference between Trump & Biden is that Biden will support retraining plans and economic incentives for the affected towns where as Trump will only say don’t sell your homes” and watch them wither.. Solar and wind… economic development is all about disruption- but there are some opportunities and the energy field is full of opportunities.

Well, perhaps its time to diversify their economy? Look at what happened to North Carolina. People just simply don’t learn and don’t accept that the world is changing.. The town is dooming themselves. Nothing to do with Biden. They need to face reality. Stop harming the environment. Move forward. No more dirty energy.. As Trump failed to “save” coal, Biden is not the cause of its doom.. Time to move on to something else.. Surely the wide open spaces give options for some form of renewable energy? That would create jobs.. If they dont get out of coal then its their own fault.. Every town is doomed with Biden.. Coal has doomed that town. Its a finite resource and it’s losing it’s value. It can’t compete.. Coal use has declined due to economics and that’s been going on for years.. Coal is a finite resource. When it’s all dug up that’s it. It’s gone. The easiest coal has already been extracted, and it becomes more expensive, difficult and dangerous to get at what’s left. There comes a point where extraction costs are higher than …

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