Another jolly, happy article from People’s magazine about something nobody cares about.. Oh ya because I bet she was such a good partner and had alot to offer . Feeling guilty much?? Is he not allowed to post pics with his kids now??. I would have left the post up. Its a custody battle. He needs to take the gloves off and stop being nice or his kids going to end up raised by a junkie. He’s too nice to her considering her actions in their marriage.. Megan is being super annoying. Brian is allowed to post photos with his kids if he wants.. They should reconnect.. That’s what happened when u married 12 years younger woman. they just need One more night of hate sex and they should be good! Next!!! lol. Margaret Weisbrod. Ash, you are so right!. Sasse J Sasse Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster Why wouldn’t he want to put a picture of him & his son on social media (when they’re dressed up) saying happy Halloween ? What’s the big deal AND where the hell is she through all this ? Why is she so absent? So many questions

Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster - A3

There never was a pandemic. Everything was designed by the deep state to remove Trump from office and start a Marxist regime.. He said not to wear masks at the very beginning of the outbreak of Covid. The healthcare workers we in need of them and there was a shortage. Once the supply started coming to the public dr fauci told everyone to wear a mask. You have been listening to… . Jim Freyensee Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster He doesnt know anything about science. He probably skipped those classes in H/S or college. It’s too bad that so many people suffer due to his lack of knowledge of science.. Bryan Weil Like I’m going to take advice from somebody who wants people to put bleach in light inside their body.. I HAVE NEVER HATED A PERSON SO MUCH IN MY LIFE!! just go trump go. All you do is cause so much hate and division. Let this be about the PEOPLE OF AMERICA!!!

Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster - A2

Get out now both of you on good terms not bitter, every day is wasted living in misery.. Paige Thomas. Christy Cargile Stanford. I mean I would too. He’s a clown. Why do we care about these people?. Michelle Belmonte. He seems narcissistic to me and even his ex baby momma said hes got problems. Probably because she has no fucking emotions. Dont save her! She dont wanna be saved!. Not even sure why anyone would comment on this…… it isnt your relationship nor is it your children. People really must have nothing better to do.. How about you try and leave this stuff out of the media and work with each other?? It’s in the best interest of your children…. I’m sorry, but we have more important things to worry about…. He deserves so much better. Y’all love any reason to stick up for men huh? Brian’s been trash for a long time.

Aircraft pilot Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster - A1

Trump is not a doctor, nor a scientist. Why are people listening to this man?
Play GIF
GIPHY. See him for his value none thinks he knows more than scientist on my. Fauci is the best at what he does. I ignore the liar in chief. You know what he talks out of.lol. So tired of Trumps always predictable response to information that is negatively reflective of himself or that he doesn’t like. It’s either Fake News”, “Hoax” or something he refutes by lying. What a guy!. Isn’t it kind of obvious it’s not going away? The spike in numbers pretty much tells the story. . Where screwed not going away for years. I’ll believe Fauci over Trump anyday!! Where did Trump get his degree?. They don’t care that 238,000 plus people are dead and more being infected at these superspreader events! That is HERDIMMUNITY!! Sacrifice and kill the weak to save the rest! But I guess the Trumpeteers and their king are GOD now they determine who live…

I’m having trouble with Machine Gun Kelly too. Which is a month+ long running private joke with myself.
He didn’t steal, but used a font identical to my frens artwork. It’s MGK’s branding on his new album. What makes my frens font – artwork – is h… . Christina Margaret
They both need to be civil with each other for the sake of the kids. I cant imagine what he’s going through trying to accept Megan’s new relationship. Brian and Megan need to handle this out of the spot light. I wish them the best and hope they can wo… See More. I mean it’s like she went from the worst white rapper to the worst white rapper today. It was a lateral move. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his post. She totally overreacted and could have messaged him privately instead of her public rant. It’s not like he even said anything snide in his caption. If she wouldn’t have reacted the way she did, nobod… See More

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